A Pictorial tour of women's fashions in history

by Fred Showker

20th Annual Designing Women As we wrap up this year's "Women's History Month", we wanted to continue our tour of fashion --- some of the world's most beloved fashion designers are women! So we pulled from the Design-bookshelf's playbook and opened these books about fashion through time, around the world Enjoy!

  • A Decade of French Fashion, 1929-1938: From the Depression to the War
  • Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories: A Pictorial Archive, 1850-1940
  • 20th-Century Fashion Illustration: The Feminine Ideal
  • Fashion in Underwear: from Babylon to Bikini Briefs
  • Classic French Fashions of the Twenties
  • Historic Fashion from Around the World
  • Art Deco Fashions CD-ROM and Book
  • Erté's Theatrical Costumes

These books are must-own for anyone interested in fashion and costume! They offer exactly what their titles suggest -- decades of fashions, portrayed in beautiful illustrations from contemporary catalogues. A joy to read and savor -- not to mention a true resource for illustrators, graphic designers, fabric designers and even fashion designers!

A Decade of French Fashion, 1929-1938: From the Depression to the Brink of War Paperback

Designing WomenIn addition to a world-wide depression and the rise of Fascism throughout Europe, the years between 1929 and 1938 witnessed dramatic changes in women's fashion. With the turning of the decade, the free and easy fashions of the Roaring Twenties shifted to a softer, more conservative look, with an emphasis on curves rather than angles. Hemlines plummeted almost overnight and did not begin to rise until mid-decade.
Here's the Full Story Full story : A Decade of French Fashion: by Mary Carolyn Waldrep

Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories: A Pictorial Archive, 1850-1940

Designing WomenThis book presents more than 2,000 illustrations of shoes, hats, and fashion accessories reproduced directly from now rare periodicals and catalogs from the 1850s to 1940. It comprises an invaluable pictorial survey for the fashion historian, designer, and enthusiast, as well as a practical source of illustrations for permission-free use by artists and craftspeople. The sources of these illustrations include major American, British, and European fashion periodicals of the time.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories by Carol Belanger Grafton

20th-Century Fashion Illustration: The Feminine Ideal

Designing WomenThis fascinating retrospective chronicles the rise and development of modern fashion illustration from the early 1900s to the dawn of the twenty-first century. Its lively narration, illustrated by over seventy original works by fashion's top illustrators, explores the social context of fashion illustration with feminine ideals that characterize each era. Professional fashion illustrator Rosemary Torre taught for three decades at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology.
Here's the Full Story Full story : 20th-Century Fashion Illustration: by Rosemary Torre and Harold Koda

Fashion in Underwear: from Babylon to Bikini BriefsDesigning Women

This revealing book documents the design and manufacture of intimate apparel from the ancient world through the twentieth century. From as far back as 3000 B.C., it traces the development of what women wore beneath their outer clothing, including hoops, stays, petticoats, corsets, brassieres, and other foundation garments.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Fashion in Underwear: by Elizabeth Ewing

Classic French Fashions of the TwentiesDesigning Women

This fine reproduction of a 1929 French fashion catalog features styles for all occasions. More than 50 color illustrations showcase elegant dresses, gowns, and coats from the designers of an influential and internationally renowned studio. Designs include a promenade and party frocks of silk, lace, and taffeta, all in the era's distinctive dropped-waist, knee-length mode, forming a panorama of fashions favored by flappers, society matrons, and other women of the 1920s.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Classic French Fashions of the Twenties by Atelier Bachwitz

Designing WomenHistoric Fashion from Around the World

Reproduced directly from a rare nineteenth-century publication, these splendid engravings serve as a guide to more than four centuries of high fashion. Full-length portraits of impeccably dressed men and women reveal what the style-conscious were wearing from the late fifteenth century to the mid 1800s. A valuable sourcebook for commercial artists, designers, and crafters, this collection will also serve as a handy reference for students of fashion history.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Historic Fashion Electronic Clip Art by Pauquet Freres

Art Deco Fashions CD-ROM and BookDesigning Women

These superbly illustrated designs, selected from rare issues of La Vie Parisienne (one of the most prominent French fashion magazines of the 1920s), depict all the feminine charm, seductive chic, and elegant sophistication associated with the liberated woman of the early twentieth century. The CD hs 339 high-quality, permission-free illustrations!
Here's the Full Story Full story : Art Deco Fashions Book and Electronic Clip Art CD

Designing WomenErté's Theatrical Costumes

A fan-bearing slave girl, a worshipper of Horus, the wife of a Russian boyar, Ceres, a mermaid and a gypsy dancer — are among the 49 theatrical costumes that have been selected for this volume from the vast and widely praised output of the Russian-born, Paris-bred designer Erté (Romain de Tirtoff). Spanning the years 1911 to 1975, these extravagant, imaginative costumes — all done for specific actual productions
Here's the Full Story You're going to love Erté's Theatrical Costumes in Full Color

Enjoy these samples ... click for full page versions!

art_deco_01 art_deco_02 art_deco_03 art_deco_04
art_deco_01 art_deco_02 art_deco_03 art_deco_04
erte_00 erte_01 erte_02 fashions_arch_00
erte_00 erte_01 erte_02 fashions_arch_00
fashions_arch_01 fashions_arch_02 fashions_arch_03 fashions_arch_04
fashions_arch_01 fashions_arch_02 fashions_arch_03 fashions_arch_04
french_00 french_01 french_02 french_03
french_00 french_01 french_02 french_03
french_04 french_05 french_06 french_07
french_04 french_05 french_06 french_07
french_08 french_09 french_10 french_11
french_08 french_09 french_10 french_11
french_12 french_13 historic_00 historic_01
french_12 french_13 historic_00 historic_01
historic_02 historic_03 ideal_00 ideal_01
historic_02 historic_03 ideal_00 ideal_01
ideal_02 ideal_03 ideal_04 ideal_05
ideal_02 ideal_03 ideal_04 ideal_05
ideal_06 ideal_07 ideal_08  
ideal_06 ideal_07 ideal_08

Rolling through our 21st Annual Designing Women celebration with fashion

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