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Video Publishing Now a no brainer One-Click Publishing is a high quality, affordable ad-free video publishing service available directly from within video capture products like iShowU, iShowU HD and iShowU HD Pro. Publishing is now as simple as clicking one button.

Publishing is as simple as clicking one button within the application, making the content then available for viewing on a number of devices including iPod, iPad, Apple TV and modern web browsers. Multiple encodings are performed transparently to create media that matches the viewing device. Encoding and uploading of the media occurs entirely in the background, and a link to the hosted video page is available as soon as publishing begins. This lets a user begin publishing, then email the link to friends, family or colleagues without having to wait for uploading to complete.

Publishing is now as simple as clicking one button

Pricing is very competitive and the user of the service is always kept in the loop regarding usage. Hosting credit can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis or automatically topped up if the user prefers. shinywhitebox monitor usage and send emails seven days in advance of running out of credit, and even hold the content for one month (at no charge) before it is automatically removed. There is no limit to the length of any video published to the service, and no advertising will ever be overlaid on published videos.

Users of the applications can easily rename, update titles & descriptions or un-publish (in short - manage) their media from within the One-Click Publishing Manager included in iShowU / iShowU HD / iShowU HD Pro. Encoding types and quality options can be set on a global or per-video basis, and users can choose which of the types (iPod, iPod/AppleTV or Super HQ 1:1 H264) to use. Videos are easily embedded into other sites, and the service includes Flash fallback in the case of a non-HTML5 compliant browser. Category:

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Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, shinywhitebox is a small application development company founded in 2005 by Neil Clayton. The company is in the business of creating great software for Macintosh, and specializes in software for realtime encoding of video, screen capture and compression. Copyright (C) 2005-2011 SWB Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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