Typography & Lettering Design inspiration found in vintage travel posters and tags

by Fred Showker

graphic design inspiration

Last month we presented vintage Tequila labels, and unique beer labels as a way of exposing yourself to new and different design concepts. This month we follow that series with one of our favorites -- the travel industry.

For well over 100 years, the travel industry has promoted its destinations, sights and locations through the use of labels and posters.

Once again, while you are browsing these, and on each one -- ask yourself what the designer was thinking... why were the colors selected, what influenced decisions for solid print or transparency; why was that particular visual association made -- and how. AND is it a visual association that will help you in your current design project! Don't forget to send in your ideas and discoveries! ENJOY. . .

01_Chicago 02_New_York 03_New_England
Chicago New York New England
04_vacation_islands 05_European_destinations 06_luggage_labels
vacation islands European destinations luggage labels
07_luggage_labels 08_European_outdoors 09_exotic_spain
luggage labels European outdoors exotic spain
behind_the_scenes fresh_air london_underground
behind the scenes fresh_air london underground
lure nerve_center solid_comfort
lure nerve_center solid_comfort
summer_nights summer_sales  
summer_nights summer_sales

GET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING, start a listing of cool things that you've found that give you creative inspiration and jumpstarts. Send them in to share with others. We have two favorite sources for these labels and posters, and you can get copies for yourself very inexpensively:

60 Great Travel Posters posters The 60 Great Travel Posters Platinum DVD and Book set is only $12.95 and brings you vintage posters from the Golden Age of Travel for real artistic inspiration. Royalty-free images showcase the Grand Prix in Monaco, the Cote d' Azure Pullman Express, the New York World's Fair of 1939, and more. Plus, the images can be printed out at poster size and played as a slideshow on a DVD player or computer!

travel posters luggage tags The Old-Time Travel Posters and Luggage Labels CD-ROM and Book is just 15-bucks, and will treat your creative juices with colorful illustrations, brimming with superb design and typography — from Monte Carlo to Pasadena and from Atlantic City to Bangkok. A treasury of lush graphics for commercial artists, designers, scrapbookers, and other hobbyists, these images will also appeal to people in the travel industry. 278 full-color illustrations!

WHEN YOU STUDY the wonderfully successful art, design and typography from the past, you can expand your horizons into your own creative design spaces. Study how their type, calligraphy or hand lettering adds to the ambience and impact of their message! Notice how appropriate their selection and application applies to the visual message.

A second travel gallery will follow this one, stay tuned to the Graphic Design & Publishing Center Gallery! Don't forget to send in your ideas and discoveries!

And, thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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