MovieMerge+ brings back intuitive video editing no longer available in iMovie

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MovieMerge+ 2.7.1 is now available in the Mac App Store Since Apple ruined iMovie, it's been really difficult to snap out good, high quality editing. Once upon a time you could assemble a series of video takes into a superb video in just minutes. Now, thank goodness for MovieMerge+! MovieMerge+ helps professional and amateur video content creators who need a simple, easy-to-use tool for organizing and joining a collection of video clips together into a single movie -- exactly like iMovie was originally intended. This update includes expanded undo support, timeline presets, swipe-to-delete and a variety of other minor user interface enhancements.


Douglas A. Welton, Chief Product Officer at einstein's legacy says

Quoting  begins For the 2.7.1 release, we continued to refine the user experience in ways that help our customers work more effectively. We have added poster images to the movie table along with swipe-to-delete functionality. We integrated presets into the timeline. And, we enhanced our Undo support to make it easier to "get things right" when working with movies -- With these changes, MovieMerge+ is the perfect tool for content creators in education, advertising, digital signage, video production, and stage performance. Quoting  ends

MovieMerge+ is the perfect tool for content creators

MovieMerge+ 2.7.1 includes the following key features:

  • Easy Organization Drag'n'drop to position the segments in your desired order for the final movie output.
  • Automatic Chapters Create a chapter track with visual markers located at the beginning of each segment.
  • Track Thinning Limit the output movie to include only the video and audio tracks from each segment source.
  • Precise Navigation Double-click the scrub handles (the in-point and out-point) to set a movie segment with frame-level accuracy.
  • Modern Codecs Create new movies in a variety of formats for a range of devices and playback situations.
  • Background Exports New movies are created in the background, enabling you to continue working without waiting.
  • Simple Segmentation Include all or part of a movie in the output by adjusting the in-point and out-point handles.
  • Sharing Share your output directly to Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and other popular internet services.

System Requirements: Macintosh Computer and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

MovieMerge+ 2.7.1 is available for $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively from the Mac App Store in the Video category.

Category: Video

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