New Gallo Fonts

by Fred Showker

Gerald has been busy since the Foll Fonts Festival last October, here are some new PostScript Type 1 screen and printer fonts to get you going for 2010 -- including an all new set of Gothic Initials -- this will be the third in the series

Glorita Display Art Three

This all new Art Nouveau font from Jerry Gally rekindles the romance from the era as a PostScript Type 1 screen and printer font. The display font was inspired by the art nouveau fonts popular at the turn of the 20th century. It is not intended for text use. It was designed specifically for display, headline, logotype, branding, and similar applications. Display Art Three has an uppercase alphabet, numbers, and punctuation.

Gothic Initials #7 from Gallo

Gothic Initials Third Set was also inspired by the beautifully-written gothic scripts of medieval scribes. Gothic Initials Third Set is composed of 3 fonts, Gothic Initials Seven, Gothic Initials Eight, and Gothic Initials Nine. Each font contains the upper case letters A through Z under both the character set and shift+character set. These fonts are intended for use as initials, monograms, drop caps or wherever fancy letters are desireable.

Gothic Initials #8 from Gallo

Gothic Initials #9 from Gallo

... and, just for fun, a grunge Gothic from Gallo called "Carefree" (below) Kind'a cranky, kind'a whacky, but distinctive, just the same.

Carefreed grunge gothic from Gallo

Then there's his sophisticated Art Deco face "Glorita" which takes on the tall, skinny display character with a twist: rounded terminals. This font reminds us of the classics of the 1930s, yet the rounded terminals almost suggest an architect or engineer font. Hmmmmmm -- works for us!

Art Deco font Glorita from Gallo

Gallo FontsRemarkably, we just now received a new batch that won't make it into today's post -- but we'll get them up here in a few days. If you can't wait, you can see these and more than 150 other outstanding fonts from Gerald Gallo at his Fonts page

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