Core Bandi : a type family with many, many styles and combinations make a true vintage collection!

by Fred Showker

Core Circus font Born on my birthday, August 18, in Seoul, South Korea, Hyung-Seung Lee could quite possibly be one of the "new masters" of this typography generation. In 2013, Hyun-Seung Lee, and two friends Dae-Hoon Hahm and Min-Joo Ham, together, designed the Core Bandi font -- and what? They're already color separated for flat-ink screen printing! WOW


Core Bandi is a Signpainter's 3D font supported by equivalent “flat” styles named Core Bandi Face. This typeface is decidedly Art Deco, and has rhythmic flow line -- almost like Folio, but with style and charisma!


The true beauty and utility of this font is that you can easily make various color combination with CoreBandi & CoreBandi Face. From these few files you can generate literally thousands of combinations. Now the real beauty is they are immediately color separated for screen printing.


It’s really hard to find doodled 3D Korean (Hangul) font even in Korea because Hangul has as many as 11,172 characters. Supported codepages are MS Windows 1252 Latin1 and MS Windows 949 Korean consisting of 11,172 Korean letters and Symbols except Chinese.


This is an idea font for books, magazines and posters -- and as I said any use where you need this deco look, in multiple, flat colors. With vinyl cutters there's no need to spend the hours and hours required to break apart the fonts ... just use Adobe Illustrator and layer the art according to your cutting plans and color schemes. It's a vinyl cutter's dream!

Fabulous Fonts in the Core Circus Family

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