'tis the season for joyous, inviting, festive, and expressive fonts

by Fred Showker

Best selling font in November 2015

NOvember best fonts for Decwember Tis the Season for joyous fonts of all kinds -- Here we are, and when you express your messages with fonts that show joy and spirit and personality, your message will take on those attributes. Designers who love to design understand the importance of that subliminal message the font sends -- that vision -- that visual signal.
      These were big sellers last month -- I believe if designers around the world found these fonts exciting, maybe you will too! Enjoy

Blend up a wonderful cornucopia of visual delight

fonts for the season

How can you not love designer Sabrina Mariela Lopez of the Typesenses Foundry! Sabrina has brought us this wonderful set of delicious fonts covering all classifications from Symbol, Calligraphy, Decorative, Old West, Humanistic Sans, Stencil !
      As the notes say, like fine coffees or wines, it's all in the BLEND! You can mix, mingle scale and color until the message is as inviting as the subject!
Here's the Full Story Full story : Sabrina Mariela Lopez -- Typesenses Foundry
tis the season for legible, readable fonts Here is a complete PDF font catalog : Blend_User-Guide.pdf

Monday, Monday ... so good to me! You too!

fonts for the season

As you can see from this one sample, 'Monday' by designer Emil Bertell at the Fenotype Foundry, is a bold and strong script family. Monday has a polished 1950s hand lettering feeling to it and it is ideal for logo, packaging, greeting cards, brand design and signing purposes.
      Monday is equipped with plenty of alternates and features.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Monday from designer Emil Bertell
tis the season for legible, readable fonts Using this font will have some really fun results

Strong, solid serif with a readability factor of TEN

fonts for the season

When it comes to visual communication in print, broadcast or signage, you want a face specifically designed for readability and legibility. Such a font is the Strato Pro font family. This modern serif typeface family communicates with a classic voice from 8 to 80 points.
      Inspired by Classic Roman typeface design, Strato Pro has 16 weights, ranging from book to black with small caps and an ornament set if you want to give your creation a distinctive elegance.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Strato Pro by Olivier Gourvat at Mostardesign Studios
tis the season for legible, readable fonts Here is a sample showing ligatures and some unique character use

A perfect sans serif for all kinds of 'friendly' impact

fonts for the season

Designer Ivan Gladkih at TypeType has forged this Geometric Sans as a modular system that fits and works in almost any situation! And, man-o-man can you get a lot of characters in a little space!
      Blockbusters, posters, titles and movie trailers — now there's the perfect font family for this. Bluescreens — a high-quality font family which is designed specifically for cinephiles and directors. Condensed style contains five most popular typefaces: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black and Italics.
Here's the Full Story Full story : TT Bluescreens
tis the season for legible, readable fonts Here is a another sample

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