Ilene Strizver : The hardest working woman in the Typography biz

by Fred Showker

 Designing Women: You've read about Ilene over the years from many, many sources, including the pages of DT&G and the Design-Bookshelf. I grabbed a copy of her first book back in 2001 while still on the road with my Dynamic Graphics training seminars -- and we've been friends ever since. Her piece on Initial Caps was the first of many articles in DT&G she's contributed to the Design Center and one of the most popular in our history. Today she's the hardest working woman in the biz, and a true star in the typography industry.


Today, Ilene Strizver is the power behind her own company, The Type Studio. Her wealth of knowledge and experience was made in part during her years as Director of Typeface Development at the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) in New York City. She developed more than 300 text and display typefaces with such respected and world-renowned type designers as Sumner Stone*, Erik Spiekermann*, Jill Bell*, Jim Parkinson*, and the late Phill Grimshaw. Prior to ITC, Ilene was Creative & Production Director of Upper & lowercase (U&lc), the award-winning international journal for typography and typographic design. She cut her typographic teeth while working on this publication and other projects with type/design icons Ed Benguiat, Aaron Burns and Herb Lubalin.


Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography 4th Edition

coverType Rules!, Fourth Edition is an up-to-date, thorough introduction to the principles and practices of typography. From the fundamentals to cutting-edge applications, this edition has everything today's serious designer needs to use type effectively. Dozens of exercises reinforce authoritative coverage on such topics as how to select the appropriate type for the job, how to set type like a pro, and how to design a typeface, as well as how to fully harness the power of major design packages including the Adobe Creative Suite.
GO Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography 4th Edition

So, just let me say, if you need a question answered about typography, or you'd like to be just a little smarter about type and typography, check out Ilene's works. I've gathered just some of my favorite articles that I recommend to beginners. Whether you use Quark or InDesign, for the best training and background on line spacing, Microsoft word, white-space characters, flush space, headlines, indents, opentype, style sheets, letterspacing, kerning, ambigrams, alternate characters, missing font alert, quotation marks, stroking, font managers, justifying, discretionary ligatures, font importing problems, metrics and a hundred other issues in the realm of typography you'd like to learn -- you can find it here!
The Type Studio Favorite articles from Ilene Strizver

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The Type Studio The Type Studio
A Chapter from Ilene's book Type Rules (TR4ed.Chapter4.low_.pdf) A Chapter from Ilene's book "Type Rules" (TR4ed.Chapter4.low_.pdf)
Selected works from Ilene's Design Portfolio Selected works from Ilene's Design Portfolio
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