Creative Tidbits #224:Color Searches, Portfolio, Templates, free fonts, history lesson and more!

by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration This week's Tidbits has something for everyone! We really enjoy learning opportunities, and Hannah Poindexter's piece is very good and should be part of our legendary "Brief History of Typography" series in the Type Department. Yes, and speaking of type, we do have a free font this time, and a free DTP template as well as more tips on creating your online portfolio.
      We always welcome your suggestions and ideas and items for the DTG Creative staff to visit and review! Just lead us there!

  • We Used To Have 6 More Letters In Our Alphabet
  • This one searches Flicker to find your colors
  • Essential Steps to Making a Killer Portfolio
  • Clean Design Free Resume Template
  • Lively Serif goes Deco

Lively Serif goes Deco

Creative Tidbits for 2017

Thanks to Phillip Trautman at for this freebie! This demo is free for personal purpose only. So, if you like to use it commercially make sure to check out on the full version.
      This font can be described as a mix of cookies and milk and Skybird. It also features numbers, symbols and language Support. We like it for its childish freshness and the condensed nature gets a lot of characters in a little space without sacrificing readability!
Creative inspiration
Photoshop Tips & Tricks Also see 'Cookies & Milk' at his site!

Clean Design Free Resume Template

Creative Tidbits for 2017

I've collected templates since the late 1960s. I've even created hundreds of templates myself -- in fact, this web page was created from a template I created. There's nothing better than a good template.
      Eduardo Ogawa has sent along this useful template he calls a resume template. Actually you could use it for any number of "sell sheet" purposes. He made one crucial mistake -- can you see it? We'll let him go this time because he's still young in the design field. You won't make the same mistake, will you?
Creative inspiration Eduardo Ogawa - Digital Marketer Beatus Design - Brazil
Photoshop Tips & Tricks Here's a full size sample.

Essential Steps to Making a Killer Portfolio

Creative Tidbits for 2017

You have the ability to capture the attention of a creative director in a single glance of your portfolio, so it’s vital to get the details right. What is the most compelling way to curate your images? How do you best present your designs? And what are the important mistakes to avoid?
      Since Behance launched in 2006, we’ve seen a lot of portfolios. The website has 7.4 million members who post 12,000 new projects every day and draw a collective 200 million page views each month.
Creative inspiration Behance, Inc.
Photoshop Tips & Tricks Here's a quick look at a portfolio by Anagrama that works well

We Used To Have 6 More Letters In Our Alphabet

Creative Tidbits for 2017

Hannah Poindexter always carries emergency reading material. Here, she writes for OMGFacts...
      Along quaint New England streets, you’ll probably spot a sign or two declaring itself “Ye Olde Tavern” or “Ye Old Soda Shoppe.” But before you adopt a British accent and order a pint of ale inside, there’s a bit of history you should know.Phrases like ye olde are actually just some of the late 19th century’s first marketing ploys, meant to evoke a sentimental connection to older times. And ye has its own complicated story—based in the history of the alphabet.
Creative inspiration Hannah Poindexter, OMGFacts

This one searches Flicker to find your colors

Creative Tidbits for 2017

The Colour is one of the most important tools at your disposal. But how do you go about creating the perfect colour scheme for your design. According to Tom May ( freelance writer and editor specialising in design and technology ), here is some interesting apps.
      Color Hunter -- enter a search term in the box at the top of the page; Color Hunter then searches for matching images and uses them to create a colour palette.
Creative inspiration Color Hunter

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