Creative Tidbits #211: A great script, tips for swashes, Story Telling, Cloud content and more

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration This is a fun edition! Ilene is back with some swashes, and a good grunge font. The most fun was CEROS a major spam experience -- yet somehow very good! If it moves, it sucks ... well, maybe not!

  • Ilene Strizver writes : Choosing and Using Swash Characters
  • Visual Storytelling: A Primer for Digital Designers
  • Sant’Elia Script (Demo)
  • Spam site of all times

Sant’Elia Script (Demo)

Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits

Sant’Elia Script from Yellow Design Studio is a robust modern type family with regular and rough versions in six weights. Its forms are crisp and welcoming with a splash of verve. Alternate versions feature angled strokes that inject drama and energy.
      As a free demo, you know you're not going to get the full family consisting of 5 fonts with extensive language support. So, if you like this freebie, you'll want to check out the full version of Sant'Elia Script with 44 fonts and a bunch of advanced typographic features. Format: OTF (OpenType Font) File Size: 1.75 MB License: Personal Use
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Creative Inspiration Here's a DEMO of the actual font

Ilene Strizver writes : Choosing and Using Swash Characters

Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits

Want to enhance and spiff up an otherwise ordinary or lackluster type treatment? Try using swash characters. A swash is a flourish or stroke extension that is attached to a glyph for purely decorative purposes. They most commonly appear at the beginning or end of a glyph (usually referred to as initial and terminal swashes), but they can also be found attached to ascenders and descenders, crossbars, and glyph apexes.
Thank you Ilene!
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Creative Inspiration Here she gives you a little taste!

Visual Storytelling: A Primer for Digital Designers

Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits

Ashley Taylor Anderson has authored a very good re-hash of the tried and proven techniques of storytelling. If you're not already learned in the principles, you'll enjoy this ... Ashley writes :
      Visual storytelling is not a new concept. Since the caveman days, people have been using visuals to communicate narratives to a wider audience. Today, we’re no longer limited to paintings on cave walls—we have a variety of storytelling media available to us. Some of these media, like print and film, are well established. We’ve codified the basics of what makes a good story in print and what makes a good story in film. But we’re still learning how to effectively tell visual stories in the digital realm, especially when it comes to brand content.
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Spam site of all times

Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits

You know the primary reason you know your web page sucks is : "if anything moves." ... I was shocked when I arrived on this web page, and although it's got some really neat stuff, it really is the most obnoxious site I've ever encountered. It gives me heart palpitations.
      But on a serious note, the site does have some striking stuff. It's just too bad they decided to make everything move, blink and gyrate. My Firefox intrusion alarms were going off all over the place! Not only is it completely irritating movement -- it has a locked pop-up that requires cancelling before you can move on! YIKES!!!
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GO Whew ... here's a little calmer
GO WATCH this video about how CEROS works
(She mispronounces the word "GIF" ... we wonder when their mothers expect them home for dinner.)

Ready for more? Stay tuned for the NEXT edition of Creative Tidbits ...

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