Tutorial: Using Adobe Photoshop to Draw a Paint Brush

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How to create a paint brush in Photoshop We're back with another good tutorial for "Back to Design School" month, and this time we're with Santosh Kashyap from TutorialBunch.com, and his tutorial on drawing a paint brush. It's interesting because of some of the techniques you'll be happy you learned.

Santosh writes:

Hi Friends -- I have a very interesting tutorial -- creating a paint brush using Adobe Photoshop -- and you learn how to draw a beautiful paint brush. I have described the process step by step to learn and make it easily. You will learn more about layer style, Gradient and Pen Tool because these tools play an important part in this creation. I sure hope you like and enjoy this free tutorial.

Use Photoshop to draw paint brush handle Start with a new layer by go to Fine menu > New, set any size as you required. Select Pen Tool (P key) and make a shape of the paint brush handle by some anchor point with selected "bb9d77" foreground color.

In this step I am going to apply wood effect, take a new layer and fill "bb9d77" color and apply noise filter by following this path (Filter menu > Noise > Add Noise) then set Amount "28.33". After applyig the noise filter, apply a motion blur on same layer by following this path (Filter menu > Blur > Motion Blur) and make settings as seen above, right.

Use Photoshop to draw paint brush handle Use Photoshop to draw paint brush handle

Still selected layer, go to blend mode and change "Normal" to " Overlay", above.
The wood effect is completed.

Now apply bevel effect on the handle, follow this path (Layer menu > Layer style > Bevel and Emboss) a Window come on the screen and adjust all these settings as given at right.

After applied bevel style on the handle, follow this path (Layer menu > Layer Style > Stroke) and make same settings with changed color as here.

The brush's handle should be same.

Results of Photoshop Bevel and Emboss filters

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