Tutorial: Create a Custom Photoshop Brush Set

by Ainsley Bevis

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Over the years, the Photoshop 911 Emergency Room has gotten numerous inquiries about creating custom brushes. Here's another great tutorial from Ainsley who makes a difficult topic seem simple.
Ainsley writes :

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create Custom Photoshop Brush Sets from scratch!

Scan your favorite ink brush Option 1: Get some white paper and create what you want to be a brush (eg. paint strokes, sketches) & scan in the idea.

Option 2: You can scan in a texture if it's small enough to go on the scanner (eg. wood, metal), make sure it won't damage the scanner in anyway first.

Step 1. After you've scanned it in, open it up in Photoshop, using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, select around want you want. Copy and paste it into a new document.

Step 2. Set the Blending Mode for the Brush image to Multiply so the white background (if you have any) is invisible. Create a new layer underneath the brush and fill it a light color to help with editing the brush.

Set the

Step 3. On the brush layer go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and adjust it so the background is completely clear and only the main brush is seen.

Image > Adjustments > Levels

Step 4. Now remove the coloured background layer from view, go to Edit > Define Brush Preset and create the new brush.

name your brushes

Step 5. After you've create you brushes, to turn it into a set go to Edit > Preset Manager. Hold down the shift key, select the first and last brush to select them all then click Save Set & save the Brush Set.

save the brush set

Final Result

here's your final Photoshop Brush Set

Ainsley Bevis BloomWebDesign.net Special Thanks to Ainsley Bevis for sending in this tutorial. Be sure to visit Ainsley at BloomwebDesign.net
      Ainsley is a passionate, and mostly self taught, Web and Graphic Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. As well as designing websites and graphic material for her clients she also enjoys playing guitar, piano, walking her dogs and cooking vegetarian food!

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