Photoshop Tutorial: Create rusted metal text

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Create rusted metal textfinal_rustedtext

Thanks to Auke at 'TutBasedotcom' for contributing this new tutorial gives you some cool techniques along with some rather nice textures created by Auke. He writes . . .

In this tutorial you will get a detailed, step by step, tutorial of how to create Rusted Text.
It's very easy to follow and you'll have amazing results as seen here!

Step 1.

Create a new document. I've used 800x600 px.
Fill the background with black using the paint bucket tool (G)

Now search for an steel/metal background or use one from below:

Steel Background 1 Thumb Steel Background 2 Thumb Steel Background 3 Thumb

Drag it in and fill your document with the steel'ish background.

I've used background3 and set the opacity to 30% for a darker look.

Rusty Text 1

Step 2.

Now select your Type Tool (T) and write the text were you want to apply the rust effect on.
I've used simple Arial for this tutorial, but you can choose whatever font you want.

Rusty Text 2

NOW : Add Metal Textures

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