Nature Photo Manipulation

by Ainsley Bevis

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Magic Wand tool

2. Importing the Tree image

Copy & Paste the tree image onto the canvas and shrink down using the previous method.

Using the Magic Wand tool select and erase the sky and concrete ground so only the tree and rocks remain.

3. Blending in the field

Click on the Add Layer Mask icon on the tree layer.

Using a 50% Soft Edged Brush (black to hide, white to unhide), hide the bottom part of the rocks and tree so it blends into the field.

Add Layer Mask

4. Cloning to remove unwanted image

To remove the unwanted shading on the field, select the Clone Tool, holding down the ALT Key click on the grass you want to clone.


Create a new layer and draw on the cloned grass using the Clone Tool, you'll need to repeat this process until all the shading is gone.


5. Lightening and Darkening

Next go to the tree layer, using the Dodge Tool brush on the top of the tree to lighten, using the Burn Tool brush on the bottom of the tree to darken.

dodge and burn

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