Nature Photo Manipulation

by Ainsley Bevis

Ainsley Bevis BloomWebDesign.netLandscape Special thanks to Ainsley Bevis from for sending in this great Adobe Photoshop tutorial! She covers a number of good techniques good for beginner to intermediate Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite users -- some of the tricks are sheer genious!
Ainsley writes . . .

In this tutorial we'll learn how to make a Peaceful Nature Photo Manipulation in Photoshop using images, brushes and various helpful techniques.

At right you can see the final results. (Or, click here for an enlargement)

To follow along, you'll need these resources

1. Getting Started

Create a new document that's 600×600 pixels.
Copy & Paste the field image onto the canvas and shrink down by pressing CTRL+T and drag a corner down while holding down the SHIFT Key (to keep the shape perfect).

clipping the landscape

Using the pen tool, draw how you want the fields shape to be.
After you've created the shape click on the Vector Mask Thumbnail Layer while holding down the CTRL key to highlight the shape.
Go to the fields shape and click on the Add Mask Layer Icon so it crops down to the highlighted shape.
Remove the pen layer.

extracting the finished field

NEXT: we'll import the tree image and blend it into the field

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