Create a Gift-wrapped box icon in Illustrator

by Ainsley Bevis

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follow the steps to create the ribbon

6. Draw the Ribbons : For this workflow, using the Pathfinder palette, open the diagram to follow the progression. Pathfinder Workflow Diagram

Using the Rectangle Tool draw a white shape for the ribbon on the left side of box. Make sure it's on the same angle as the sides of the box.

Hold down the Shift Key and select the ribbon and left side of the box and pull the 2 shapes out while holding down the ALT Key to duplicate. With the 2 duplicate shapes selected click on the Intersect Button in the Pathfinder window. You'll be left with the shape of the ribbon.

Repeat the process for the left side of the Cover so you have 2 shapes for the ribbon.

generate the ribbons, and then begin the gradient process

7. Ribbon Shapes : Put the 2 shapes on the Left Side of the box. Right click on the cover ribbon and Arrange > Bring to Front so it's over the other ribbon shape. (above left)

8. Set the Gradient : Next select each shape and put in a silver gradient. (above, right)

select each shape and put in a silver gradient

9. Repeat the process with the Cover and Right side of the box.

Silver Gradient

10. Duplicate : Place in the Silver Gradient on each ribbon shape.

EDITOR'S ALTERNATIVE : I think it's fair to note here that as with most work there are any number of ways to accomplish the same goals.

Since this is an oblique drawing, the angles will remain the same throughout all straight edges. If you are handy with the Pen tool, you may find it easier to just duplicate one, fully styled piece of ribbon, as many times as you need it and adjust the width/depth using the Direct Select (hollow) pointer tool. (Tap A)

The only thing to remember is to drag ONLY the straight path edges -- NOT anchor points, and then adjust the angle of the gradient as you change orientation of the shape. (Or, just drag a new gradient.)

I believe this might even be faster and easier to understand than Ainsley's process above!

NEXT: we'll put bows on the ribbons to finish the boxes ...

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