3D Dreamy Scene On The Sky: Tutorial

by Guest Writer

3d from Illustrator and PhotoshopThis Photoshop Tips & Tricks Tutorial was sent in by Dainis Graveris, and while it's all about the "dreamy" scene in the sky, learning the different type effects will help you along with 3d from Illustrator. It's an earlier version, not CS6, but like we said, you could always do all those effects in earlier versions, just maybe not so easily nor automated.

Dainis writes :

I wanted to create dreamy scene in the sky, learning different effects through all tutorial. We will use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and cloud stock image. Again we will use 3D effects to get the job done. And yes, if you can use, Xara 3D for this step – it will get a lot better results then using simple Illustrator’s Bevel&Extrude options. If You don’t know what Xara is, check out this review and tutorial using XARA 3D to get cool 3D effect. Let’s begin!

3D typography

At first we need to find the background with the cloud. I found this one image, download it with clicking on the image and Save Image:


Step 1

Now I wanted to get more brighter colors, so get Your image settings window with Image –> Adjustments –> Brightness/Contrast.
Play with the settings, I got something like this:


Step 2

Now I wanted to get wave effect, so the cloud will look like more whirlwind. Go to the Filter –> Distort –> Twirl, Zoom out a little bit to see the preview window with -/+ and use settings like mine to get this effect.


Step 3

Okay, now You must open Illustrator, to get 3D letters, You can use Xara 3D to get even better results, but although I know not many people use this program, I used Illustrator. Use light gray color and broad font, ~850pt for better results, to add 3D effect – Effect –> 3D –> Extrude&Bevel.

Check “Preview” checkbox to see preview, change extrude depth to 150pt and rotate object until You are satisfied. Repeat those steps changing letters and adding different rotation settings.



NOW: Let's put those letters in the sky . . .

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