Photoshop Valentine's Madness Tutorials, Brushes, Clip Art

by Fred Showker

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Photoshop Madness is where you go mad trying to separate the junk from the good photoshop stuff.. Fred Showker helps you out
Heart in Envelope Icon Psd Tutorial

iPad, iPhone eductional games apps

Here's one that almost defies the need for a tutorial -- everything here is rather obvious and easy, but for beginners to intermediates it's a good exercise in making "real" things . . . the "DUDE" -- who actually happens to be Raluca, from Bucharest Romania, writes:
      In this tutorial you will learn some simple tricks to create a cute icon for Valentine's Day. The icon consist of an envelope with a red heart shape inside. This icon is made from scratch so no need for stock images or other resources.
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Photoshop Heart Wing Logo Photo

iPad, iPhone eductional games apps

Photoshop Heart Wing Logo Photo Beginners Photoshop Tutorial comes to us from who writes : provides quality content for our readers, our aim is to educate our readers in the easiest way possible making it easier for you to learn and develop new skills.
      Except, I think they're actually here to make micro revenue with affiliate links because when you arrive there you'll find a floating ad that will not go away -- forcing you to click on it, paying the site owner. . . . . just the same, there is value here.
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The Graphics Fairy brings FREE Clip Art . . .

iPad, iPhone eductional games apps

Here is a great collection of some favorite Valentine’s Day images from The Graphics Fairy. In this post, you’ll find 40 links to cherubs & cupids, hearts, valentines, couples, frames, and retro images to use in your Valentine’s Day projects.
      Lots of fun stuff . . . some will be very cliche, and/or already available in the libraries of the Publishers' Warehouse
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Searching for good Photoshop images and tutorials amongst all the total madness out on the web Don't let Photoshop Madness get you down!

There are always lots of spectacular Photoshop images and visuals out there! Share them! We'll be back shortly with MORE Photoshop Madness ... and please -- BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SURF ... but when you do find a great Photoshop practitioner, or a good Photoshop tutorial, please share it with us! If you create Photoshop Tutorials yourself, please post your info here so you can be considered for a Photoshop Fave!

YES... there's more to go . . .

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Photoshop Madness Of course, some of our favorite editions of Photoshop Madness can be found in the legacy Photoshop Tips & Tricks web site!
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