Create Hot Original Lighting Effects with Photoshop

by Guest Author

Guest Photoshop Tutorial from Ben BradleyLighting effects for photographs, one good idea leads to another! Mr. Ben Bradley is a graphic designer/ video artist from New Zealand with a story to tell! He was so inspired by this Abduzeedo tutorial called Sparkling Hot Girl, that he made this one, and sent it along to us. It's not that we like to pass along tutorials, but Ben adds so much more flourish and flash to the Abduzeedo tutorial that it now merits real creativity. Ben writes :

the finished image A lot of light effects are being used lately so here is another cool way to make your images look wicked hot! In this tutorial I am going to focus on how to get the cool patterns rather than the extraction of the girl but I will touch on it. This is my first ever tutorial, so hope I explain myself.

At right is an example of the final file ... click for an enlargement. The PSD file for this tutorial can be found at the bottom of the post.

Step: 1

Open photoshop and create a new document File>New. Create it any size you like, for this I made it 800×1000



Step: 2

Make sure your foreground and background colours are set to Black and White, you can hit X then D to do this. Create a new layer and name it "Origional" then Filter>Render>Clouds.

Step: 3

Still in your "original" layer go Filter> Pixelate> Mezzotint… A dialogue box will appear, I choose the setting medium strokes. But play around with the different setting to get new unique looks.




Step: 4

Still in your "original" layer go Filter>Blur>Radial Blur. In the dialogue box make the settings Amount:100, Blur Method: Zoom and set the quality to best.

These next steps are where you get to be creative and decide how crazy you want to go depending what setting you enter for the Twirl dialogue box.

Duplicate the layer called "original" twice and call them "twirl1" and "twirl2" using command/control + J. Now lock and turn the eye off on the original layer. ( I keep this layer just incase anything goes wrong, or if I want to add more later on.)


In your "twirl1" layer go Filter>Distort>Twirl… We are going to be doing this step a couple of times and depending on how you want it to look you will enter different settings. For my first "Twirl" I enter +77

Then in layer "twirl2" do the same Filter>Distort>Twirl… but change the twirl amount to (negative) 200. Now change the blending mode of Twirl2 to Lighten. Right, now its starting to take shape!


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