iDraw now imports/exports Adobe Photoshop!

by Staff

 iDraw now imports/exports Adobe Photoshop! One thing graphic designers and illustrators have seriously wanted for their iPad iDraw is a way to build images from Adobe products into iDraw. Now, this major update to the powerful Mac graphic design and illustration application.


iDraw 2.3 features the unique ability to import layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files, preserving vector paths and layer style effects as editable objects, effectively converting Photoshop files that use vector shape layers into fully editable iDraw documents. The 2.3 update also adds new vector path editing and dimensioning tools, ColorSync color management, smart image masking, angle gradients, and a variety of vibrant new blending modes.


Adrian Diaconu of Indeeo said

Quoting  begins We're very excited about the many new features in iDraw 2.3 ... The newly added Photoshop compatibility will be a great feature for many designers, allowing them to import design resources from various websites and use iDraw as part of a workflow with other applications. Quoting  ends

iDraw 2.3 has also been optimized for incredibly fast performance with a new OpenGL-based drawing engine that brings significantly faster rendering of complex projects. Multi-threaded drawing ensures lag-free scrolling and zooming when working with very large designs. With faster drawing, editing, loading, saving, and importing, every part of the application has been tweaked for performance.

Notable Features:

  • Photoshop PSD Import/Export
  • ColorSync Color Management
  • Smart Image Masking
  • 8 New Blend Modes
  • Angle Gradients
  • Inner and Outer Strokes
  • Powerful New Path Editing Tools
  • Dimensioning Display Formats
  • Import PDF Annotations
  • Outline Mode

System Requirements: * OS X 10.6.6 or later * 10.1 MB

iDraw 2.3 is available for purchase worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store for $24.99 (USD). The update is free for existing users who purchased previous versions of iDraw on the Mac App Store. Category: Graphics & Design, Photography, Art, Video

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