Using ICC Profiles in Adobe Photoshop CS5

by Khara Plicanic


From the author of Get Your Photography on the Web: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Show and Sell Your Work

Say you have a gorgeous image in Photoshop. How likely is your printer to give you a result exactly like what you see onscreen? Rafael Concepcion explains how to use printer profiles to tell Photoshop the settings you need for the printer and paper you're using, so you get the precise results you want.

You spend the majority of your weekend tweaking a photo that you worked tirelessly to capture. You bought a fantastic camera and a great computer, and now you've shot a wonderful picture. All the fruits of your labor have come together to create this single image, and you can't wait to see the output from the printer.

Then you actually get the print—and you wonder why you bothered.

The problem isn't you, your printer, or your computer. The problem is that all these things came together without a key component—calibration.



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