Sci Fi illustration: Erasing the line between man and machine

by Fred Showker

Male and Female cyborg illustrations The movie "The Terminator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was probably the first to really bring the concept of the cyborg to the forefront. There had been others, but none really as compelling as that famous series. The movie's creator James Cameron probably never suspected that his film in 1984 would spawn a generation of cyborg fans -- still very much alive 30 years later!

Future man and machine

The internet and a wide array of graphic tools like Photoshop have made a virtual playground for those who love to conjur new and unique species of human and machine mix. Not surprising is the vast majority of such illustration fantasy depicts with woman cyborg.

Transhumanism and the End of Religion

Future man and machine

As the sci-fi genre grew, and imaginations ran wild, so too various cults and theorists began to come out of the woodwork. One such is the 'transhumanism' section of "H Plus Magazine." One editor writes :
      Mankind is still embryonic … [humans are] the bud from which something more complicated and more centered than [humans themselves] should emerge. ~ Teilhard de Chardin
Photoshop Cyborgs

Future man and machine

The web is full of blogs, picture galleries and facebook pages dedicated to various visions of human plus machine hybrids. Cyborgs. Here's an example Photoshop Cyborgs

Image of a male cyborgFuture man and machine

Many of the galleries we found are redirects or replicators intended to earn click revenue. This was redirected from a Deviantart page which we cannot reach any more, but it's found at this rather flaky site called "Gallery Hip." We believe the artists' name is mojette

Another flaky page at Author and artists are not recognized. This page is all about cyborg head drawings

Future man and machine

There are some gems among the polished, techno illustration techniques which evolve into a more painterly level of vision. This one, also from the Cyborg blog, was taged "technology art" and created to simulate paint.
Photoshop Cyborgs Full story :

Becoming Cyborg

Future man and machine

How about painting yourself to look like a cyborg? This page is an interesting read!
Photoshop Cyborgs

Why there will never be any cyborgs

Future man and machine

Writing in "The Edge - Being Better at Life" author "Rotemov" wrote:

Quoting  begins If you are reading this, just like me, you are intrigued by the science fiction terminator-style cyborgs who take over the world in movies. And as much as I love Arnold’s acting in the movie “The Terminator” and my fondness of the film, I must say that I think the terminator is a very low-technology aspiration compared to the next big thing to come, the biological computer based cyborg. Quoting  ends

Hardware, Software, Wetware: The Transhuman Future

Future man and machine

The "transhuman future" is a theme we'll probably be hearing more and more about. With the advent of wearable technology, can implanted technology be too far behind? One site puts it like this :

Quoting  begins As technology becomes more and more personal, we can rest assured that the way we interface with it will also become more intimate. Even so, the choice between implant and exoskeleton is an individual one–at least for now. Quoting  ends

NOW come along with me as we look at just a few of the more interesting works of designers, photographers, and Photoshop users who have created a new generation of cyborgs . . .


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