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 Macphun Releases Free Public Preview of Revolutionary New Noiseless App Macphun has released a free "Public Preview" version of their latest app, Noiseless. Using new advanced imaging technology, Noiseless provides a one-click solution for eliminating the pixelated/grainy patterns generated by nearly every camera when shooting in poorly lit situations. Users of smartphones, action cams, point & shoot cameras and entry-level DSLRs will especially benefit from this new, affordable app. To learn more about Noiseless, watch videos and to download the Public Preview, visit Macphun online.

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Noise is created in situations where the camera automatically increases the ISO sensitivity to correct for low light conditions, thus introducing intrusive grain and speckles to the image. Noiseless is an ultra-easy to use tool for photographers of all levels which incorporates a number of presets for one-click noise reduction. Smart technology in the noise reduction algorithms of Noiseless also automatically compensates to overcome special challenges presented by today's smartphones, action cams and entry-level DSLR's. Advanced users can tap into the "Adjust Panel" of Noiseless for even greater control, including unique detail preservation and selective reduction tools.

Paul Muzok, CEO of Macphun writes

Quoting  begins We're very confident that Noiseless is the most capable of any noise reduction tool out there. Plus, it offers extra controls over detail, selective adjustment of noise reduction and ease of use that simply are cutting-edge ... I would encourage every photographer - including people who own smartphones or already have a noise reduction tool - to download Noiseless and give it a "test drive. Quoting  ends

Two versions: Standard & Pro In its final release, Noiseless will come configured in a standard version sold exclusively on the Mac App Store and a Pro version sold on Macphun's website. The Pro version will add a powerful, proprietary RAW noise reduction technology, support for additional color space models, extra detail controls and the ability to run as a plug-in within Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and Apple Aperture.

Key Features:

  • Advanced noise reduction technology to remove color and light noise, while preserving details
  • Special technology for improving Smartphone and ActionCam photos
  • Adjust panel for fine tuning details and smooth areas and filtering noise reduction selectively
  • Crop and rotate
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • The software automatically selects the optimum starting preset based on the image
  • Opacity slider on each preset to fine tune amount of noise reduction
  • Incredibly fast processing speeds
  • Support of sRGB (Standard. Pro), ProPhoto (Pro only), AdobeRGB (Pro Only) color spaces
  • RAW file noise reduction technology (Pro version)

Ability to run as a standalone or a plug-in to Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture (Pro version)

Pricing and Availability: Noiseless is available for a "test drive" beginning April 2, 2015. Interested users may download the Preview version by visiting the MacPhun website. This unique preview period allows anyone the opportunity to evaluate the software and try it on their own images, however for purposes of the preview export and sharing of images has been restricted. The app also includes a pre-order function with also offers the Pro version at a $10 savings until the product is officially launched, expected in mid-April. When the full version of Noiseless is released, pricing is expected to be $17.99 (USD) for the Standard version in the Mac App Store and $49.99 for the Pro version sold on the company's website. Upgrades from Standard to Pro will be offered at $29.99.

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