The first immersive photo chat in real time: Photonomie

by Fred Showker

The first immersive photo chat in real time: Photonomie Once the graphic design community understands what this app really is, there'll be a revolution of ideas flooding the market. Once the advertising industry catches on to this, there will be a whole new advertising platform! Imagin what this will do for the real estate industry! Photonomie is the first immersive photo app where you take immersive photos with just your iPhone and the viewer is there! Show places to your friends (or customers) and experience immersive discussions with them. Relive moments as if you were there. Photonomie [Pronounce “Foto-no-Mee”] offers a simple, fluid and easy interface : Just pivot and sweep your environment with your camera phone, from top to bottom, left and right, selecting just the angle you prefer, up to 360 degrees. Viewers just need to shift their phones around to explore your Photonomie and can reply with one of their own.

Arnaud Jardin CEO and co-founder says

Quoting Arnaud Jardin begins No more boring flat and limited pictures. With Photonomie, users can truly capture everything they see in one immersive frame and instantly chat about it with their friends! One photo, your whole world, not just a piece of it. And it's extremely easy to use. Photonomie puts everyone literally at the center of the image. Quoting Arnaud Jardin ends

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Already the app is experiencing impressive growth: Its limited beta release has generated over 100K downloads and is growing 35% month over month, especially in the 13 to 17 age group.

Main features

  • First real time photo stitching algorithm
  • First immersive photo discussions with friends
  • Explore mode to discover beautiful worldwide places
  • Works even without 4G/wi-fi

Inspired by the algorithms embedded in NASA's Mars rover “Opportunity” which uses a real-time 360 stitching solution, the founders decided to create an everyday version. The resulting technology is the culmination of more than a year of intense research and development. Like Opportunity's, the 3D stitching is 100% native and doesn't rely on a connection or cloud. Creating a Photonomie can be done anywhere without the need for a connection. As soon it is back in range, the Photonomie can be shared.

Photonomie is 100% free -- Minimum requirement : iPhone 4S or newer / iOS 9 or newer. Android version coming soon.

 Photonomie - immersive photo sharing by Sixième étage
Photonomie - immersive photo sharing by Sixième étage
 Photonomie screenshot
Photonomie screenshot
 Photonomie MP4 sample Video Goodbye rectangular photos - Photonomie (YouTube video demo)

Okay ... so now I can see those cogs turning. Just think about the creative possibilities way far and beyond sharing photos and chatting! Go for it! It's FREE and waiting for you to jump in!

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