Picture your Mini-Me - your own 3D statue of yourself!

by Fred Showker


3D Photogrammetry This is the beginning of the age of 3D Photography, and Photogrammetry uses overlapping pictures to create a 3D model of an object printed by the Sculpteo 3D Cloud Engine. So, figure you can now clone yourself in any size... a great novelty or gift

Captured Dimensions offers 3D scans and prints at competitive prices. They use a process called photogrammetry to create 3D scans of you, your baby, or even your dog. From there the scans are processed through Sculpteo to create heirlooms to be passed on for generations.

All 3D printing services require a 3D printable file before an object can be printed. The files can be attained throughmultiplewebsites, by creating the file yourself with design software, through a 3D scan, or through photogrammetry.


Photogrammetry is the process of overlapping pictures to create a 3D model of an object. Sophisticated programs can then interpret the intersection of the photos to create a 3D mesh of any object that was placed in front of the cameras. These programs are available for purchase for at-home 3D modeling (ranging from free to $25,000), but the time and quality of modeling at home can?t be compared to the service provided by Captured Dimensions. They use around 80 high definition cameras that give extreme detail in a quick round of photos. From there a team of expert designers take the models and perfect the small details that may be too small to be printed.

3D printable file

Captured Dimensions also has high quality digital scanners, which can be used for smaller objects with similar accuracy. These are also perfected by designers then printed and shipped through Sculpteo.

3D printable file

From there the scans are uploaded to the Sculpteo 3D Printing Cloud engine in order to choose between 50 different materials and finishing ? a large choice to build a memorable statuethrough Sculpteo to create heirlooms to be passed on for generations. As well, these examples are done with a full color 3D printer that injects the color during the printing process (the statues are not painted) something only possible with 3d printing.

3D printable file

A 3D printed scan offers so much more than a picture does when it comes to memories. Imagine in future years, instead of seeing an old raggedy picture on a computer screen, your great grandchildren will be able to hold a model of what you looked like, to scale, from all sides.

GO Printed by the Sculpteo 3D printing cloud engine

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This is just the dawn of this new revolution in digital imagary! It will only get better, and more exciting. Right now it's fairly expensive and not for everyone. Note that as of yet, the statues are NOT painted. You have to do that yourself! But as technology advances, and more people jump on board, some day it will be not more expensive than buying an large format printer -- and the detail and flexibility is bound to grow! Have fun!

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3D Mini-me of yourself

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