Advertising Update : Native ads, Programatic ads, mobile woes, SERPS and more

by Fred Showker

Marketing update for graphic designers The school start season is behind us, and soon we'll be rushing into the holiday buy season and most market / advertising plans are about to burst into full steam -- if they haven't already. Ad blockers have taught the rude ad hucksters a few lessons, so now everyone's talking native ads. Funny how things cycle around -- we're advocated native advertising from the very beginning! If it wasn't so miserable, it would be funny. Enjoy this week's advertising / marketing update . . .

  • Stand Out by Blending In: Making Native Advertising Work on Mobile
  • Small agencies have yet to embrace programmatic advertising
  • Top 4 Tips For Combining Native and Programmatic
  • All Hail the Rise of Native Advertising
  • Paid Advertising Dominates Local SERPs

CAUTION Beware, all of these sites employ screen spam. Some have pop-up ad splash screens and stalker links. Be careful where you click


All Hail the Rise of Native Advertising

Native advertising, sponsored content or branded news (all the same) is booming and with some online publishers it's now their main source of revenue.
      It's important to note that native advertising is not content marketing. Content marketing is a content strategy by brands where typically, they own the content, such as their blogs or content on a product website. Native advertising is sponsored content, more typically created by the publisher to be in alignment with an audience that the advertiser wants to reach. I think where the confusion happens is when an advertiser creates biased and conversion oriented content that is placed on websites for a fee. To me, that's content marketing more than native advertising because content marketing has evolved to be measured by conversions, while native advertising looks at other metrics.
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Paid Advertising Dominates Local SERPs

If you love spam, Google is your frind. mobile ads completely dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs) on a mobile device.
      If you want the name of your business to appear at the very top, you’re going to have to advertise on Google. If you want it to be near the top, you’ll have to ensure that you’re at the top of the local 3-pack. Otherwise, people are going to have to scroll quite a bit before they find your local listing.
Part of the article : How Pay-Per-Click Is Changing With Mobile
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Stand Out by Blending In: Making Native Advertising Work on Mobile

Our mobile devices have become an extension of ourselves. We sleep next to them and bring them everywhere. They are the last thing we check at night and the first thing we see in the morning. Brands and marketers, however, are still learning how to connect with their customers on smaller screens.
      Native advertising (ads that are tailored to the look and feel of their surrounding content) is a popular solution, and sponsored stories, in-feed editorial units and News Feed ads, have found their way to smaller screens.
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Top 4 Tips For Combining Native and Programmatic

Native advertising has rapidly emerged as an exciting way for advertisers to engage with consumers, and offers an interesting new revenue stream for publishers.
      Native emerged out of a desire for publishers and platforms to deliver advertisements that fit with the feel of their site, and are consistent with viewers expectations over how a platform should behave.
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Small agencies have yet to embrace programmatic advertising

A large proportion of creatives — those who conceive and create ads — at small agencies do not understand programmatic advertising, according to a survey by ad tech firm Turn.
      The study surveyed over 200 creatives across small and large agencies. Here are some of the key results from Turn’s agency survey about programmatic advertising
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