Marilyn Monroe, August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos

by Fred Showker

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Picture this: A master photographer shoots the most breathtaking movie star of her time high in the Canadian Rockies in the summer of 1953. And the negatives are filed away for nearly 60 years — most never seen until now!

It was yet another assignment for LOOK magazine staff photographer John Vachon. But when he arrived in Banff, Alberta, in mid-August of 1953 to shoot Marilyn Monroe on location making River of No Return, Vachon encountered an opportunity never afforded the many great photographers who took pictures of Marilyn during her short life. Due to an injured ankle that prevented her from filming, Vachon got access to Marilyn over a period of several days.

Marilyn Monroe Vachon's lens captured her in a variety of contexts and countenances. Here is Marilyn the way we want to remember her: luminous, sexually charismatic, smiling radiantly — even on crutches. This extraordinary portfolio of revealing images ranges from her mugging poolside to riding high on a ski lift to nuzzling with her then-husband-to-be, the legendary Joe DiMaggio — the only time that the two posed formally together for a photographer.

In his ability to present her humanity without either idealization or guile, Vachon has given the legions of Marilyn fans worldwide a very rarely seen portrait of their idol. 102 duotone photos. Text by Brian Wallis.

Marilyn, August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos

Enjoy these samples from the book, courtesy of Dover Books ~ click to advance slideshow

marilyn_Vachon marilyn_big_bear marilyn_camera
marilyn_Vachon marilyn_big_bear marilyn_camera
marilyn_crutches marilyn_crutches_close marilyn_crutches_pool
marilyn_crutches marilyn_crutches_close marilyn_crutches_pool
marilyn_leisure marilyn_lounge marilyn_mountains
marilyn_leisure marilyn_lounge marilyn_mountains
marylin_at_park the_lost_Look_photos  
marylin_at_park the_lost_Look_photos

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Marilyn Monroe lost LOOK Photos

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