Graphic Novel : Border Worlds: A dark and visionary adventure

by Fred Showker

Border Worlds Graphic Novel

WITH HER LIFE IN CHAOS AND NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, Jenny Woodlore joins her brother's ramshackle trucking business on Chrysalis, a huge floating platform on the edge of the galaxy — only to find herself in the middle of a cosmic conflict that could change the very fabric of the universe. (Sample Pages Below)

Stephen R. Bissette writes :

Quoting Stephen R. Bissette begins An adult merger of science fiction, mystery, noir, and eroticism Quoting  ends

A dark and visionary adventure, Don Simpson's epic Border Worlds is now available in a single, hardcover volume, gathering the back-up features first published by the Kitchen Sink Press in issues #6 to #10 of Megaton Man as well as its own self-titled series and the one-shot Border Worlds: Marooned. Simpson has also added an all-new chapter that finally brings his acclaimed work to a long-anticipated conclusion.

As a special bonus, this special edition includes an in-depth Afterword by legendary comics artist, editor, and publisher Stephen R. Bissette. Suggested for mature readers.

GO Border Worlds
by Don Simpson (Author and Illustrator),
Afterword by Stephen R. Bissette
Published by Dover Graphic Novels – August 15, 2017
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Donald Edward Simpson is an American comic book cartoonist and freelance illustrator, most noted as the creator of the series Megaton Man, Border Worlds, and Bizarre Heroes, as well as the official King Kong adaptation. He has also freelanced for nearly every major comic publisher. His most widely seen work are the illustrations he created for Al Franken's 2004 bestseller, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.

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