New GraphicConverter for Mac OS X

by Fred Showker

 New GraphicConverter for Mac OS X Everyone who used a Macintosh back at the beginning of color graphics is familiar with Lemke and their program GraphicConverter. Even before Photoshop, and the other bitmapped image editors, GraphicConverter was a staple -- getting its start free, then shareware! But it was so good, and so well embraced by the Mac community, it has been an ongoing success story! Now, Lemke Software has rolled out GraphicConverter 7.4, the latest and greatest version of this powerful image editing and conversion utility for Mac OS X.

GraphicConverter is the ultimate tool for image editing, image browsing, metadata editing, slideshows, image conversion from more than 200 file formats and much more. The new version does add support for 3D image file formats like MPO, JPS and PNS. Also, it does enhance the Lion support.

Lemke Software GraphicConverter 7.4

New Feature Highlights:

  • Added import and export of JPS (3D JPEG)
  • Added import and export of PNS (3D PNG)
  • Added import and export of MPO (3D image)
  • Added import of stv
  • Added anaglyph conversion of 3D images
  • Added flat view into browser context menu
  • Added option to convert animation into a RGB image
  • Import of liff added
  • Display of pixel size and resolution added (as option) to the browser thumbnail view
  • Added options to define gradient for window background of image
  • Added new folder and rename folder commands to folder tree of the browser
  • Added browser context menu item to lock/unlock items
  • Added option for toolwindow to follow main window
  • Added keyboard navigation to the folder tree
  • Added gray point correction (as option to the white point correction tool)

Language support: German, English, French, Danish, Sweden, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Dutch, and Catalan

Minimum Requirements: * Mac OS 10.5 or later

GraphicConverter 7.4 is a free update to registered users of GraphicConverter 7.0-7.3.1. New users may purchase the software for $39.95 (USD) directly from their website or the Mac App Store. New users can download a free trial version from their website. Category: DTG Graphics & Design, Photography, Art, Video

GraphicConverter GraphicConverter
GraphicConverter Key Features GraphicConverter Key Features
GraphicConverter: Download GraphicConverter: Download

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