20th Annual Designing Women Celebration Four: Pins, needles, pens, paints and passion

by Fred Showker

Designing Women Surf

20th Annual Designing Women This week's surf was a lot of fun. We got Kraft of craft and Murphy's law! We met designers who make movies and veteran skateboarding designers! So when we say "Roll" with the 20th Annual Designing Women edition -- that could be very literal :

  • Verena Michelitsch : New Twist, Old design problems
  • Murphy's Law : if it can be fabulous, Kelly does it
  • Martina : an eye for color, shape, style and space
  • Eugenia Loli motion in collage... and film
  • Nomoco : watercolor magician
  • The true craft of Kraft
  • Hire a Skate Mom!
  • and more to come!

Hire a Skate Mom!

20th annual Designing Women edition Hey ... don't let those skateboarding graphics mislead you ... Judi Oyama is a west coast graphic designer and illustrator -- even after 26 years in the design biz, her concepts and graphics are blowing me away!
20th Annual Designing WomenShe founded "Maximum Impact Design" in 1987 in Santa Cruz, CA. If you've ever been there, you know it's a surf and art community that encourages play -- and Judi certainly gets the energy and excitement of an active lifestyle into her creative designs from food packaging, web design, bold product prints and graphics and fresh identities. Her foundation comes from airbrushing surfboards, making 3D window displays, silk screening skate decks to producing, styling and art directing video and photo shoots. Judi says her studio is passionate about creating great design work. As if it didn't show!
DT&G Designing Women Here's your escape: Judi Oyama and maximumimpactdesign.com
20th annual Designing Women edition Great production on the Eton Rugged rukus Video, and
GO here's the whole story on Eton Rugged rukus

Verena Michelitsch : New Twist, Old design problems

20th annual Designing Women edition Here is clean, unique, thoughtful graphic design ... Verena creates elegant solutions across all kinds of client needs!
      Verena Michelitsch an Austrian graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in NYC. After being an Art Director and founding member of En Garde, a design studio based in Graz, Austria, she moved to NYC to work for Sagmeister & Walsh, Pentagram Design and RoAndCo. She loves to do branding, illustration and art direction projects and is currently Design!
DT&G Designing Women Verena Michelitsch designer / illustrator
GO Also see her Behance installation
20th annual Designing Women edition Here is her Promo Sampler

The true craft of Kraft

20th annual Designing Women edition Marcy Kraft is a fiber artist! I think this is the first ever 'fiber artist' we've ever had in DTG. But her works are very exciting -- because she expresses her design in crochet!
      Marcy's art transforms public objects into whimsical, nostalgic and nerdy designs to make us question and interact with our surroundings.
DT&G Designing Women Full story : Marcy Kraft: fiber artist
20th annual Designing Women edition Here is a Another sample...

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