Free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets are Available on the New Website

by Fred Showker

 Free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets are Available on the New Website Muse Templates Free Company launched a new website with free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets. Adobe Muse Templates provide the unique design for websites that are created with Adobe Muse software. Muse Widgets help to enhance websites even more by adding interactive elements like slideshows or various compositions into Adobe Muse websites.

John Perry, Muse Templates Free product manager said

Quoting  begins Adobe Muse software allows people to create websites, even without any knowledge in web design or programming ... Everyone can download our free templates and create beautiful websites with Adobe Muse. We believe that many people will find our templates very helpful. Quoting  ends

Free Adobe Muse Templates

Creating a website with Adobe Muse templates is super easy. The design of a website is already created for you by the professional designer. So you only need to open the template with Adobe Muse software and make some minor changes. All the templates have placeholders for text and images that should be replaced with your own content. Also, all the elements in the Adobe Muse Templates can be easily moved, removed, resized, recolored and modified in any other way.

Free Adobe Muse Templates

Adobe Muse widgets can be added into your existing Adobe Muse websites. They will make any website even more attractive and interactive. All the widgets can also be modified according to the personal preferences. It is easy to change the style of the widgets and integrate them into your websites.

Free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets are available for download on company's website. In addition to the free templates and widgets, company also offers some paid Adobe Muse Templates. They can be purchased from the link provided in the company's website. Mac or PC with Adobe Muse software is required to use the templates and widgets.

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Free Adobe Muse Templates Free Adobe Muse Templates
Free Adobe Muse Widgets Free Adobe Muse Widgets
Paid Adobe Muse Templates Paid Adobe Muse Templates

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