Customize the Way You Display

by Chris Garrett

display your art Your photography is a unique reflection of who you are as an artist and as a person. The way you display your art can be almost as important. An affordable picture frame from your local craft store may be the first thing that comes to mind, but is that really the best what to show off every one of the photos you’ve taken? Do they all benefit from being treated the same way, or do you have pieces that are just calling out to be displayed in a way that is as creative and distinctive as the images themselves?

Gallery blocks Here are just a few ideas to cleverly display your artwork without resorting to a generic, commonplace picture frame:

Wall Murals

Thanks to the new technology of removable, customized wallpaper, you can turn any photograph you have ever taken into a beautiful, vibrant, full-size mural.

Canvas Photo

Having your photographs transferred to canvas gives them an entirely different feel. It adds the texture of the canvas, and if you choose, even of the brushstrokes.

Gallery Blocks

Mounting your pictures in gallery blocks or deep frames will give them three dimensions, lifting them away from the wall and making them feel as though they are jumping out to grab the view.

Mat board

Mounted on Mat Board

Pressing your photograph onto the right mat board will give it space to be appreciated without having to define or overwhelm it with a frame. It can also help a print to fit in to the color and feel of a room where it may otherwise have seemed out of place. The mat border can soften hard edges, add drama, and keep your photo from fading into the background colors of your wall.

Mounted on ???

mounting photosSome photos need a particularly special backdrop to be properly appreciated. For these, only you can find the right medium. A piece of found furniture, part of an old fence, or even just a piece of wood, left raw, wrapped in fabric, or uniquely decorated by you to set off your photograph are some examples of what this could look like.

The important thing is to remember, just because you have developed the film doesn’t mean that the artistic part of the process is over. Don’t think of displaying your art as separate from producing your art. It is simply one more step in the creative process.

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Chris Garrett is a freelance writer for the large format printing and custom wallpaper expert, and blogs on the topics of design and printing.

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