21st Annual Designing Women Celebration: New finds, old friends, remarkable designing women

by Fred Showker

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21st Annual Designing Women Welcome to the 2016 Designing Women edition, celebrating Women's History Month. This will be our 21st year of celebrating, and it continues to be one of our favorite editions, because we get to meet so many wonderful artists, designers, illustrators and photographers. Hope you enjoy this year's line-up, and don't forget to send in your portfolio, or nominations!

  • Lucia Bustamante designing diversity
  • TypeTalk: Most Notable Fonts of 2015
  • An obsession with Grids
  • Karina Mosqueda
  • and more to come!

Lucia Bustamante designing diversity

graphic design and typography

Lucia Bustamante is a Graphic and UI UX Designer as well as Art Director for NĂ³rdico Estudio in Montevideo, Uruguay -- her work spans across technique and method from icon design to advertising layout and branding. Lucia writes :

Quoting  begins It took me years to define my portfolio. At first, my portfolio page was more like a cv, with almost all the attention in what I had studied, or my work experience. I designed some portfolio websites, as a complement to my cv, nowadays, I can get a job by only sending my web portfolio, and nobody asks for my cv. Quoting  ends

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Part of the Designing Women series from Fred Showker Here is Lucia on Behance

Karina Mosqueda

graphic design and typography

Karina writes : I'm a little artist, a little design, a little paint, a little direct, a little animate, a little chaos, a little collectors, a little without words, a little rebellious, a little traveling, a little creative, a little draw and dream.
      We believe that's accurate! Much of her work is trend-setting, and much is just simply astounding. See her large body of works in her Behance installation, as well as www.machuca.com.mx
Here's the Full Story Karina Mosqueda on Behance
Part of the Designing Women series from Fred Showker Here is a more complete sampler

TypeTalk: Most Notable Fonts of 2015

graphic design and typography

This is not your typical Pakistani replicator site just trying to get hits... this is our friend, Ilene Strizver, founder of The Type Studio, typographic consultant, designer, writer and educator -- unlike the replicator sites, she not only picks'em, but SHE can tell you WHY!
      Does the world need more typefaces? That is akin to asking if we need more shoes, recipes, or even music! We have plenty to go around, but the continuous demand for something new, fresh, and visually expressive will never disappear. So the answer is, of course we need (and want) more typefaces!
Here's the Full Story Full story : Ilene Strizver's column at Creative Pros : Type Talk
Part of the Designing Women series from Fred Showker Here is just one of the fonts Ilene reviews in this article

An obsession with Grids

graphic design and typography

I'm not going to write too much here, I'm going to let Astrid Stavro tell the story . . . .

Here's the Full Story Astrid Stavro: astridstavro.com
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Part of the Designing Women series from Fred Showker Here is a more complete sampler

Stay tuned as we continue the 21st Annual Designing Women celebration for 2016!

More and more new entries will be added all month long . . . and will continue into April! Remember, if you would like to suggest a Designing Woman for this series, there's still time. Just check it out here:
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fred_c_125 Thanks for reading . . . and, thanks for twenty years of Designing Women online!

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