Meet Lois van Baarle, illustrator, painter, teacher, animator and designing woman!

by Fred Showker

20th Annual Designing Women presents Lois van Baarle Every year one individual seems to stand out from the rest -- captivating our interest and admiration. In 2008 it was Luba Lukova; in 2010 it was Jessica Hische; ten years ago it was Nena Anderson -- there are many others, and they all have one thing in common. Beside their extraordinary talent they share a unique perspective of vision along with an entrepreneurial spirit that takes them to the top of their field! Lois van Baarle epitomizes those qualities -- and is our Designing Woman for March 2015!

illustrator, painter, teacher

Lois is a Dutch national who started teaching herself to draw digitally in 2003. Although a native of Holland, she has lived and taught all over the world, including the United States, Indonesia, France and Belgium. She studied animation in Ghent (Belgium) for a year and then moved back to my home country to study animation at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in Hilversum. Today, she applies all her talents as a freelance illustrator and animator from her studios in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

character studies

It's not just about painting. There are a million artists online who can paint. Lois is about seeing -- not just looking -- but seeing the spirit and nature of her subjects. Her investigative visual skills are extraordinary in finding and then depicting something way beyond the object of the art.

As a story teller, Lois can take you into any mood and setting she so desires. Her animation background and skills allow her to see through the storyline and bring her viewers through the richness of the experience! In her web site, on her FAQ page she talks about inspiration

lois is a visual storyteller

Quoting  begins When I was 15, I was inspired by Japanese drawing styles (animé and manga*), as well as various french comic artists (particularly the work of Aurore BlackCat*) and Art Nouveau (particularly Alfonse Mucha*). After joining DeviantArt I became very inspired by a wide range of other artwork on the site, mostly digital paintings. My DeviantArt favorites (a collection of images on the site which are my personal favorites) gives a pretty good idea of the type of artwork that inspires me, as well as this influence map I created in August 2010: [link] Quoting  ends

lois is also trainer, writer and teacher

Her skills are so finely tuned she has evolved beyond performance to teacher, trainer and writer. Lois has been featured in many publications, teaching and sharing her learned skills to young artists. At her site, you'll see many other examples of articles and how-to essays she has authored. Her work ethic and insight into the world of art as a profession are testiment to hard work.

Quoting  begins I often get asked whether it is possible to make a living off of art, usually from people who are about to choose that direction in life and are worried about their future. Your ability to live off of your art depends enormously on what you do, where you live, and what your options are. I am able to live off of my art because of the exposure my work gets on the internet, the possiblity of being able to work from home, the fact that it's relatively easy to register oneself as a freelancer in Holland, and my ability to do work in both the animation and illustration field. Quoting  ends

Here is a small selection of our favorites from Lois. Click any image for a slideshow.

C_classic_look C_digital_line_art C_portrait_skills Lois_van_Baarle_products bella
Classic Tutorial Teaching Products Bella
bubblegum character_animation character_development coffee commission
Bubblegum Characters personalities coffee commission
dreams movie_characters story_teller    
dreams characters story_teller

Please enjoy a lot more at Lois' web site, and while you're there don't miss her enlightening FAQ page!
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