Vectoring realistic wedding rings

by Fred Showker

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STEP 4 - Time for some details. There are a number of ways to make these margins, but I prefer this next trick. With the Direct Selection Tool select a few points that you will need for your new margin, then copy them and paste them in front. Again, with the Direct Selection Tool, select and delete the points that you don't need, and use only Stroke, no fill.

STEP 5 - For this trick we will need to make a simple brush. Use the Ellipse Tool to create a long oval, then select the right and left anchor point and convert them to corners, and finally fill this shape with black and make sure there is no stroke.

Make a brush for stroking

Drag this shape into the Brushes pallete, select create new art brush, set the size to about 10 -20 % , name it, if you wish, and click ok. After you adjust the stroke size, Go to Object - Expand Apperance, then Path - Clean up. Do this for every margin, especially the outside contour.

thin sliver now makes the rim

Next, it' time for colors!

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