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Academy - Las VegasGolden arches. A "swoosh" sign. A man on a horse holding a polo mallet. Many of you have already deciphered the significance of these symbols; they are the logos for McDonald's, Nike and Ralph Lauren. A good logo can have a strong impact on consumers, since people are more likely to remember a logo than a corporate presentation. A good logo design is essential to building a strong corporate identity.

Famous logos So how can you create great logos? Here are some logo design tips to keep in mind:

Keep it simple

If your logo is too busy, it becomes forgettable.

When creating your logo, try to avoid using fonts that are difficult to read, detailed pictures or photos, and special effects like shadows and embossing. This makes it easier on viewers and can also make it simpler to reproduce your logo for other uses.

Make sure it looks good in black and white

Sure, it's nice to inject color into your logos, but you don't want to get carried away. Keep in mind that your logo may be reproduced in black and white for certain mediums like newspapers or magazines. Make sure your logo is distinguishable regardless if it is in full color or black and white.

Choose your colors accordingly

When designing a logo, align the color scheme with the client. For example, if you're designing a logo for a bank, it's probably not a good idea to use bright neon colors. If your client is more conservative, you may want to choose classic colors like red, bluish-gray and navy blue. If your client is more artistic, bright colors may work for them. Be cautious that you're not using too many colors. Two to three colors is plenty.

Make it unique

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But in logo design, imitation means that the artist had no imagination. There's nothing wrong with finding inspiration in other logo designs, but when you create a design, avoid copying another logo or using clip art -- the last thing you want to be guilty of is bad design - or a copyright violation.

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i agree but dont pick somethin you dont think youd like pick what interest you to not just what people around you like try and youll find you might get alot more attention and comments

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yes, and make sure it looks great in black and white for certain mediums like newspapers or magazines.

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Thank God! Soemone with brains speaks!

There are so many wrong and bad logo design sites on the net, young, upcoming designers are getting bad advice.


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