Illustrator tutorial: combination lock

by Ainsley Bevis
Ainsley Bevis

Special thanks to Ainsley Bevis for sending in this great Adobe Illustrator tutorial! She covers a number of good techniques good for beginner to intermediate Illustrator users.
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Learn how to create a Vector Combination Lock icon in Illustrator from scratch!

1. Geting Started : Create a new document which measures 500×500.

Get the Ellipse tool and draw a black circle while holding down the shift key to maintain a perfect circle.

Next using the rectangle tool draw a square shape on the bottom of the circle (like below).

Next select the two shape, go into Pathfinder (shift+ctrl+f9) and press the Unite icon. This will turn the two shapes into one.

2. Create the Shackle : With the shape selected hold down the alt key and drag the shape away to duplicate it, press the duplicated shape with the Selection Tool and drag it to the centre of the shape & make it smaller, change the colour to something light.

Select the 2 shapes, go into the Pathfinder again and click Minus Front to remove the front shape, you now have the top part of the lock.

Pathfinder Minus to remove shape

3. Fill with Gradient : Click on the shape and make it a gradient with a 2pt dark grey stroke.

fill the new shape with a gradient

4. Duplicate and Fill again : Select the shape and go into  Object > Path > Offset Path, this will create another shape inside. Change the gradient to a light grey.

Offset Path, this will create another shape inside

Duplicate the shape using the same method previously and move it down. Click on the back shape and make the colour black.

Offset Path, this will create another shape inside

NEXT, we'll decorate the face of the lock with some reflections . . .

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