DTG News for November, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #11 ~ November, 2011

  1. Design : What is white space?
  2. Photoshop : Nature Photo Manipulation
  3. Photoshop Tutorial : Replace a Head
  4. Photoshop Madness Holidays
  5. Typography : Fred's XYZ Blocks
  6. Calligraphy & Penmanship Gift Guide
  7. Top 10 Steve Jobs Books
  8. Celtic Art & Design
  9. Favorite APPs for Designers
  10. 60-Seconds: Hello, my name is Peggy
  11. Law: Video Privacy Protection Act Passes
  12. Plugins : Retrographer For Photoshop
  13. The QR Question
  14. Who Buys an iPhone 4S?
  15. &Else : Passware Proves Mac OS Lion Insecure
  16. &Else : Personalize iPhone Cases
  17. Web Design Updates
  18. Marketing Updates
  19. Social Media Updates
  20. Welcome to the holidays ...

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Welcome to November

DTG Newsletter ... During October we finished up on the Fall Fonts Fest, and we hope everyone had a great time with that annual event. We certainly learned a lot and had the opportunity to meet many new and outstanding talents in the realms of typography. This month we kick off the holidays and get a head start on design and promotions for you. We have some great new graphic design pieces, along with dozens of important content items in our updates.

Have a great time in November -- please get in touch and share your ideas, innovations and inspirations with DTG readers.

Design : What is white space?

Did you look at the white dot in our article icon here? Did you ever have a client ask "What about that blank space?" Welcome graphic design extraordinaire, Alex White, who will answer the question once and for all ... "What is White Space?"

Photoshop : Nature Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial, learn how to make a peaceful nature photo manipulation in Photoshop using images, brushes and various helpful techniques. Special thanks to Ainsley Bevis from BloomWebDesign.net for sharing another of her bright, original tutorials! Enjoy Photoshop : Nature Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Tutorial : Replace a Head

In a recent Photoshop 911 forum inquiry, a reader asks how to replace the head of Jack Nicholson in a 1920s black and white photo. The poster wanted to replace it with his own head from a recent color photo... here's the Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Madness Holidays

The holidays are upon us and chances are there will be a need for some holiday inspiration. OH NO ... time for some Photoshop Madness to try locating some decent resources!Photoshop Madness Holidays

Typography : Fred's XYZ Blocks

We've all seen, and probably owned ABC Blocks at one time or another. But for kids today, do you think it's time to get a little different perspective? Fred of course has XYZ Blocks ...

Calligraphy & Penmanship Gift Guide

Whether you use the pen craft professionally, or just for personal expression, it embodies a tradition of beauty and discipline that few other crafts can match. Here are my favorite learning guides for mastering the time-honored art and craft of calligraphy, lettering and penmanship -- for young and old! The first time someone sees you writing in pure copperplate and exclaims "Wow, how did you learn that?" you'll know you've gained a skill few others posess. Any of these books will also make a superb gift for anyone on your list.

Top 10 Steve Jobs Books

Here is my selection of the best books for learning about and being inspired by the late Steve Jobs! I have read or thumbed all (except two, not yet published) of these, and can recommend them for your own, personal benefit -- or as a superb gift for anyone on your gift list this year! Top 10 Steve Jobs Books

Celtic Art & Design

Celtic design and illustration can evoke an acient look and feel to any project -- or can also give a very modern look! These books offer a huge value in both usable art and inspiration for design ideas -- at very affordable prices.

Favorite APPs for Designers

Now let's take a look at a great selection of apps for designers : * iPad 2 RGB Editing * Halftone Adds Face Detection * Movie Glossy Photo Effects * Slide Show Application with Realistic Physics * Video Frame Grabber & Slow Motion Player * Photos that speak ... and more!

60-Seconds: Hello, my name is Peggy

Did you ever get one of those 419 Nigerian scam emails? Did you know what to do when you saw it? Of course you did. But evidently, many other people aren't as smart as you. If I replied, this is probably what I would write . . .

Law: Video Privacy Protection Act Passes

Good news for video producers : the Judiciary Committee has passed the Goodlatte Bill to Modernize the Video Privacy Protection Act . . . Washington, DC, October 13, 2011: Today the House Judiciary Committee passed bipartisan legislation introduced by Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet, which updates the Video Privacy Protection Act

Plugins : Retrographer For Photoshop

Mister Retro's latest Photoshop plug-in is called Retrographer and it allows users to create stunning and authentic vintage photography effects! Users can take complete control over every aspect of creating authentic original looking photography with this simple and powerful plug-in!Plugins : Retrographer For Photoshop

The QR Question

New Research Offers Insight on the Effectiveness of QR Codes -- Few marketing trends are currently hotter than QR (Quick Response) codes -- those 2D black and white, square images that can be scanned by smartphones The QR Question

Who Buys an iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S went on sale October 14th. At the announcement for the iPhone 4S you could sense a mild disappointment when everyone realized there wasn't going to be Jobs' trademarked, "one more thing." Who Buys an iPhone 4S?

&Else : Passware Proves Mac OS Lion Insecure

Revealing Login Passwords in Minutes -- Password extraction is possible even if the computer is locked or put to sleep - after a user logs in, password remains in memory ... read more

&Else : Personalize iPhone Cases

Uncommon has partnered with artist community RedBubble, enabling members to personalize iPhone cases with their designs -- RedBubble received more than 7,000 original designs by independent artists worldwide in just four days... read more

Web Design Updates

We haven't had a good web design update since June, so this month brings yet more great tips and tricks, as well as some in-depth data...
* How 5 Landing Page Optimization Tips Can Also Hurt Rates
* 6 Key Findings From The 2011 Local SEO Industry Survey
* What's The Difference Between Mobile & Desktop SEO?
* Why browsing is so important to content discovery Web Design Updates

Marketing Updates

During October we followed a number of trends in the coverage of direct mail, business cards, SEO, and some interesting tips and tricks to help you improve your mix, including . . .
* Life after 'like'
* 5 steps to measure your PR efforts
* 5 tips to improve your marketing mix
* Top tips for multicultural marketing
* 11 excellent email marketing infographics
* Modeling and optimizing your marketing mix
* Direct marketing? Exceptional marketing method
* 12 unexpected tips for business communications
* 5 ways SEOs can work with social media managers
* The value of face-to-face marketing in a virtual age
* Lean marketing tips: Business cards as selling tools
* Facebook to court small business with free advertising
* 10 cool new tech ideas to help you market your business
* Marketing research chart: marketers integrating social media
* What would an advertising world without direct mail look like?
... and more Marketing Updates

Social Media Updates

Our Social Media updates take a look at some major moves with FaceBook, Google-plus, along with moves, tips, and strategic social media developments ...
* Facebook Unveils Timeline: The Story Of Your Life On A Single Page
* Get noticed on Facebook with Facebook news feed optimization
* Advice from the pros: 34 Google+ resources for your business
* Move over social media; here comes social business
* Social business: Transparency is good for business
* Tips for nonprofits to ramp up their social media
* How many social media personalities do I need?
* Facebook Reveals Major Updates at F8 [VIDEO]
* Use LinkedIn to improve organic visibility
* 5 ways to optimize your Facebook page
* Trim the pork from your social media
* Twitter releases Web analytics tool
* Google+ now open to everyone
... and the emerging world of social networking Social Media Updates

Welcome to the holidays ...

Another year, another November, and we off and running into the holidays. During November you'll see more creative updates with a slant toward self-promotion, holiday promotions, holiday design and more. DTG readers would like to hear about your favorite holiday promotions and designs. Got designs? Get Famous.
November is brought to you by the letter "N"
October is brought to you by the color "Gold" #FFD700 ...

Don't forget to stay in touch, 'caus we hope to see you in the December issue, or beyond.

For now, have a great time in the November DTG

Thanks for reading...

        Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

A final Thought from Benjamin Franklin

"Be civil to all;
  sociable to many;
    familiar with few;
      friend to one;
        enemy to none."

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