This could be the most important drawing software since Adobe Illustrator

by Fred Showker

 Mapdiva Releases Artboard 2.0 Drawing Software on the Mac App Store Artboard 2 for the Mac is a full-featured drawing software to create crisp vector graphics and layered illustrations. Artboard features a powerful style generator and stacked styles that go way beyond simple fill and stroke, providing a wide range of spectacular effects. Overflowing with new features and a tidy user interface, its speed and responsiveness are complemented by smart techniques for interacting with drawing objects. With an uncomplicated interface and familiar Mac feel, Artboard 2 is positioned as an alternative to more complicated vector drawing software so users can spend more time drawing and less time searching for elusive commands.

Graham Cox Artboard co-founder explains

Quoting Graham Cox begins Since 2011, our motto for Artboard has been "Simple. Powerful. Fun," It keeps us focused and forces us to carefully consider each and every feature; to balance functionality with usability. That simplicity and power are evident in Artboard's new tabbed interface, more powerful styles editor, and "smart" drawing tools Quoting Graham Cox ends

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Free in-app resources make Artboard 2 all the more appealing. Artboard's built-in library of over 1900 styles and clip art include a wide assortment of maps, shapes, color swatches, pictographics, floor plan and flowchart graphics and more. And these aren't just standard clip art images - they are crisp vector graphics that you can completely change the size, color and design of to make your own. Flexible templates help small businesses, students, hobbyist and 2D game designers get started on their projects quickly, such as making business cards, posters, pixel perfect icons, and right-sized social media graphics.

Notable Features of Artboard 2

  • At Your Fingertips Control - New tabbed interface puts what you need at your fingertips, no more digging through menus to find edit commands
  • Smart Shapes - The most advanced smart objects give complete control of shapes and paths
  • Single, Direct Select Tool - Add and remove points, simplify paths, rotate and resize shapes, edit objects through direct and numeric input, move center points, combine objects with Boolean operators, crop and clip photos, reset object's bounding box, and... much, much more
  • More Powerful Styles Editor - Go way beyond simple stroke and fill styles of basic illustration software. Artboard's Styles Tab is used to create and edit expert "stacked" styles (including arrowed strokes, rough strokes, pattern brushes, gradients, image tile, patterned and hatched fills, and more)
  • Time-Saving Workflows - Export your drawing, selected objects, individual layers, and/or "slices" of your drawing, at multiple resolutions and scales, supporting multiple Color Spaces. Print shrink-to-fit to a single page, and "poster-tiled" printing over multiple sheets of paper
  • Editable Clip Art and Styles - Includes over 1900 royalty-free fully editable clip art and graphic styles to customize, plus a Library to store your own
  • Photo / Image Editing - Crop, clip, scale, add effects and more
  • Shrink-To-Fit and Poster Tiled Printing
  • Drawing Units: mm, cm, in, pts
  • Expandable Layers
  • Graph Paper
  • Linear & Polar Duplicate
  • Import SVG

A free trial is available from the Mapdiva website. Artboard software is exclusively for Mac OS X.

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Indianapolis, Indiana - Mapdiva is dedicated to making intuitive software so users can focus their creative energy on content and design. Founded in 2008 by Graham Cox and Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Mapdiva, LLC develops powerfully easy vector illustration software. Mapdiva, LLC has offices in Indianapolis, IN USA and Armidale, NSW Australia. Copyright (C) 2008-2016 Mapdiva, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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