E-Book Systems launches Mac FlipViewer Xpress Creator 1.0

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E-Book Systems launches Mac FlipViewer Xpress Creator 1.0 E-Book Systems, creator of the patented Digital FlipViewer® e-publishing has released the Mac FlipViewer Xpress Creator 1.0, a wizard-based software that runs on PC. It enables publishers and corporations to create and publish realistic page-flipping digital publications ("FlipBooks") easily with just a few mouse clicks. The created FlipBook can then be hosted on any web server for online viewing or distributed through any media (e.g. CD, thumb drive, etc.) for offline viewing.


Once the FlipBook is created, it can be easily viewed by the FlipViewer Xpress viewer. This is a viewer which can run on many different operating system platforms including Windows and Mac, including mobile devices like iPAD, iPhone, Android Tablets/Phones, etc.

FlipViewer Xpress conveys the FlipBook in a 3-D page flipping interface, where pages are displayed like those in a real book. While a reader is reading the current page, the next few pages will be streamed into his computer. Page streaming allows pages to be available for immediate reading without having to wait for the entire book to be downloaded first. Staying true to the book paradigm, the displayed thickness of the FlipBook in FlipViewer Xpress is indicative of the number of pages inside, allowing readers to "thumb" through it with the mouse. Readers can also perform keyword searches, bookmark pages, highlight passages and add comments using a virtual notepad while reading the FlipBook.

Carol Keskitalo, Operations Manager of Breakaway Adventures said

Quoting  begins We chose FlipViewer Xpress Creator software because it's very user-friendly and cost effective. The customer service was excellent and we can get the project up and running quickly. Quoting  ends

With Mac FlipViewer Xpress Creator, users can now create digital publications out of print publications like catalogues, brochures, annual reports, magazines, books, manuals, handbooks, newsletters and so on. Digital publications allow users to reach out to more readers via the Internet globally and to save in printing cost.

To experience Mac FlipViewer Xpress Creator Version 1.0 with a complimentary trial, please contact us. Category: publishing, design, bookmaking, apps

FlipViewer FlipViewer
Screenshot and Intro Offer: Mac_FVXC_Intro_Offer.pdf Screenshot and Intro Offer: Mac_FVXC_Intro_Offer.pdf
See a Flipviewer Demo here See a Flipviewer Demo here

E-Book Systems was founded in 1998 with a mission to bring the natural look and feel of the paper-based book into the domain of computers and the Internet. E-Book Systems specializes in providing software tools and services for the e-Publishing market. E-Book System's products make use of its proprietary patented Digital Flip® user interface technology to deliver multimedia content and information such as PDF, video, audio, digital image, text, etc via an impressive 3D Page-Flipping interface, which appears as a virtual FlipBook. These content could be streamed or delivered both online and offline through E-Book's OpenFlip format. E-Book Systems, a private on-going corporation, has offices in California (Santa Clara), China (Beijing), Japan (Tokyo), Berlin (Germany) and Singapore. Investors include Creative Technology Ltd. and SOFTBANK Creative, a subsidiary of SOFTBANK Corp. E-Book Systems' products are distributed worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, China, Japan and Asia Pacific Region. Windows, the Windows logo, Mac® and all other third-party trademarks are copyrighted by their respective organizations.

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