Creative Tidbits #227: Free Fonts, logo tips, Fake News, Photoshop Ethics and more!

by Fred Showker

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration Here we go ... running a little late on this one, should have posted it last week! But hey, I'm just having too much fun with Designing Women and the spring of things! Here, follow along:

  • Light & Feather: 4 Free MockUps
  • 25 logo design tips from the experts
  • The strange story of the world's most famous logo
  • Art Nouveau and Ballpark style from
  • Fake News? Rethinking The Ethics Of Photoshop

Fake News? Rethinking The Ethics Of Photoshop

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Are you getting tired of Fake news? Can you recognize it when you see it? This topic has been discussed dozens of times over the past four decades, and double that about photo retouching in the years prior to that. We even did a dissertation on the topic back in the 2000s. The more things change, the more they remain the same! Now writer Katharine Schwab adds this to the continuing story :
      Ten years ago, a set of five oaths called the Designers Accord aimed to establish a code of ethics around sustainability in the design industry. More than 1,000 design firms and organizations voluntarily adopted the accord, as well as thousands of individuals from 100 countries and six continents, helping to raise awareness about eco-friendly design while giving designers a concrete way to engage clients in conversations about sustainability—today, a commonplace practice. Now, the designer Sarah Krasley is trying to create a new kind of accord, this time for those in the business of making images.
Creative inspiration Katharine Schwab -
Designing Women check out the retouchers score card

Light & Feather: 4 Free MockUps

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Eastern Europe is busting wide open with the freebie graphics replicators! I'm sure you're probably already on the master list -- as some of the sites are merely duplications under a different name. This one's called "Graphic Burger" -- who knows what it was called before that, but they do bring some pretty good art for those without a clue or talent ... this one featuring art from Vadim Sherbakov. The Graphic Burger stretches it a little :
      The special freebie of the day is an original set of 4 scene mock-ups that will help you create realistic hero images for your various projects. The high-quality PSD files include smart objects so you can easily add your designs and create a flawless presentation.
Creative inspiration Vadim Sherbakov (Slow loader!)
Designing Women Take a bite out of the Graphic Burger and download the font

25 logo design tips from the experts

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Gosh ... it's been a while since I visited the Creative Bloq ... WOW, Jacob Cass in pop-up spam -- what's the world come to??? The site has exploded as a stalking spam site! They even run the click bait preditor ads! Jacob Cass used to be a graphic designer. Anyway, this is a pretty good article -- you should use FireFox and immediately click the READER icon before the page has a chance to load. Avoid all the evil stuff.
      The author Nick Carson writes : Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skilful application. Any designer worth their salt can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but truly mastering all aspects of the craft takes time.
Creative inspiration By Nick Carson ~ Graphic design

The strange story of the world's most famous logo

DTG Facebook Designing Women

There’s Trajan’s Arch and Marble Arch, the Arch of Constantine and Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe. You can ride to the top of the biggest of them all, the 630ft (192m) high Gateway Arch in St Louis, or, in southern Spain, stare amazed at hundreds of intersecting horseshoe-shaped arches in the hypostyle hall of what was once the Great Mosque of Cordoba.
      And yet the world’s most famous arches may well be those – with no claim to high culture, innovative engineering or grand historical narrative – of McDonald’s.
Creative inspiration Jonathan Glancey
Designing Women I love this shot ... specially that Ford Vickie! Vava-voom

Art Nouveau and Ballpark style from

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Måns Grebäck is a type designer and font creator specializing in script typography, but with a portfolio containing a vast selection of styles. Typefaces from Måns Grebäck are commonly used as company and product logotypes, as well as headlines and in advertisement by a wide range of industries world-wide. Stop by his web site
Creative inspiration Måns Grebäck type designer and font creator
Designing Women Google is excellent for finding all those darn fonts!!!! WOW!

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