Creative Tidbits #233: Design on a Grid, Crazy ideas, designing condoms, Girls and more!

by Fred Showker

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  • Coming up With Crazy Ideas (Just Like Albert Einstein)
  • Meet the Boy Behind the Design of HBO’s Girls Titles
  • Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging
  • Carbon Crown / project typography

Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging

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What can condoms teach us about design, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a field where innovation faces a regulatory roadblock? Turns out, quite a lot. Because when you all but can’t change the actual product, you’re forced to rethink everything around it.
      The problem is clear: There is a real need to make a next generation condom that is easier to use, stigma-free and more visually appealing, but the product is tightly controlled by government guidelines. And the cost of trying to rethink the product itself is like playing high stakes poker with a buy in that is out of reach for most people.
Creative inspiration Richard Morgan - 99u
Creative Tidbits Another example

Meet the Boy Behind the Design of HBO’s Girls Titles

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Author James Cartwright takes a look at the logo process for the TV series GIRLS . . . in this article he writes :
      Unlike many of its contemporaries, Girls always starts with a bang, forgoing the drawn-out, cinematic title sequences favored by True Blood, True Detective, and plenty of other shows that don’t have the word “True” in the title. It uses the title card as a sting to articulate a punchline—usually the crescendo to a discussion riddled with angst and ennui. Its strength lies in its immediacy, and seamless integration into the flow of the episode, all of which is the responsibility of Howard Nourmand, of Los Angeles studio Grand Jeté.
GO Designing the Identity of Girls (Slow loader)
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Creative Tidbits Here's the full Girls poster

Carbon Crown / project typography

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Do you think grid paper aids in designing fonts? We don't know, but Marcin Usarek seems to think so.
      Marcin Usarek is a specialist in Graphic Design & Branding; from Wroc aw, Poland -- check it out, he has some other unusual images in his folio at Dribble. And, you're going to love his business card on Behance!
Creative inspiration Marcin Usarek in Dribble with lots of other links
Creative Tidbits Visit Usarek's gallery of animal identities

Coming up With Crazy Ideas (Just Like Albert Einstein)

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coverBryan Collins, Author of The Power of Creativity, gets those mental juices flowing with this . . .
      What would happen if a professional athlete stopped training for an event because they were tired of their sport? What happens to the writer who waits for inspiration to arrive? She doesn’t write at all. Look, you and I know writing is hard work. It’s demanding and time-consuming, and it requires you to sit in one place and concentrate for extended periods of time.
Creative inspiration Bryan Collins ~ Author of The Power of Creativity
GO The Power of Creativity

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