Creative Tidbits #228: Free Vectors, Tumblr Type, Creativity, Sketch and more!

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration This issue focuses on essays that are important to the overall scheme of graphic design. But it's not all work and no play -- we got free vector art along with insights into a really fun drawing app that does other stuff too!

  • 20 Free Vector Pallet Wood Textures in AI, EPS & PNG Format
  • I didn’t know Sketch could do that!
  • Creativity on Demand
  • Stereotype Tumblr

I didn’t know Sketch ould do that!

Creative inspiration

If you use Sketch, this article is a must. If you do not use Sketch, you might want to take a look anyway, it's a pretty cool app! Here are some tricks for enhancing your Sketch workflow and impressing your designer friends at the coffee shop
      I love those demographic gifs!
Creative inspiration Jon Moore Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap
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20 Free Vector Pallet Wood Textures in AI, EPS & PNG Format

Creative inspiration

This set of vector pallet wood textures contains 20 images made with a mix of wood grain, knots and filth. There’s a variety of natural grungy patterns taken from single planks, as well as multiple planks positioned side by side in horizontal and vertical layouts to capture the panel gaps within the texture detail.
      Each texture comes in AI and EPS vector formats, which allows you to scale them to any size and easily change the colour. Also included is a series of standard PNG files with transparent backgrounds, for maximum compatibility with all design software.
Creative inspiration Chris Spooner's 20 Free Vector Pallet Wood Textures in AI, EPS & PNG Format
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Stereotype Tumblr

Creative inspiration

There's no description or info about who or what for this Tumblr gallery, but it has certainly accumulated a huge selection of fabulous typography, lettering, logo, and hand type layouts!
      If you happen to be the person in charge of this collection, please let us know.
Creative inspiration
creative tidbits You really don't want to miss this poster of extraordinary typography!

Creativity on Demand

Creative inspiration

Where do those ideas come from? Geothe said "Everything has already been thought of -- the trick is to think of it again." Charles Chu Editor of Better Humans, The Polymath Project, writes
      To survive, successful game designers must have good ideas. Not just one or two, either. They have be brilliant on demand. Worth stealing from? I think so.
Creative inspiration Charles Chu : Keep Stealing

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