Comic App Halftone 2 Adds Video

by Fred Showker

 Comic App Halftone 2 Adds Video Halftone 2, an Apple Editors' Choice and App Store Best of 2013 winner, has added video to its popular app for iPhone and iPad. The update makes it easy to turn photo pages into high-definition movies with dynamic camera movement, professionally designed captions, and fun sound effects.

Mike Swanson, Founder of Juicy Bits says

Quoting  begins Customers are constantly looking for ways to add more action to their homemade comics and scrapbooks ... With the new video feature, Halftone 2 users are literally one tap away from seeing their photo pages as exciting movies and only a few taps away from adding a soundtrack, customized camera movement, and creative sound effects. Quoting  ends

Halftone Comic AppThe new functionality enables users to configure the order that the virtual camera visits each photo on a page, the speed and motion of the camera, and how long the camera hovers over each image.

The update also includes 50 licensed sound effects that can be assigned to each photo, including growls, crashes, instruments, vehicles, and background ambience. An in-app purchase is available that adds 50 more sound effects to the mix.

A unique "auto stretch" feature allows users to choose a soundtrack for their video and have Halftone 2 automatically shorten or lengthen the movie to match the length of the song.

Final video is exported at up to 720p high-definition and can be saved to the camera roll for later use or sent directly to Facebook, Dropbox, or other compatible apps.

Halftone 2 makes it easy to create multi-page comic and scrap books by assembling photos from Facebook, Flickr, and the photo album. Users can add filters, customize page layouts, add speech and thought balloons, position captions, place some WHAMs, BAMs, and POWs, and share their creations with the world. The app is localized for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Halftone 2 (v1.3) is currently available for $1.99 USD on the App Store. Halftone 2 is a Universal app that runs on iPad 2 (or later) and iPhone 4 (or later) with iOS 7.0 (or later). Category: Graphics & Design, Photography, Art, Video

Halftone 2 Halftone 2
Halftone 2 (v1.3): YouTube Video Halftone 2 (v1.3): YouTube Video
YouTube Video (How to Make a Halftone 2) YouTube Video (How to Make a Halftone 2)

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