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iPhoneUncommon has partnered with artist community RedBubble, enabling members to personalize iPhone cases with their designs -- RedBubble received more than 7,000 original designs by independent artists worldwide in just four days

UncommonUncommon has rolled out its personalized iPhone cases services to the artistic community of RedBubble, the world's premium online marketplace for high-quality original artwork and creative products on demand.

RedBubble's artist-created designs are available to purchase as personalized Uncommon iPhone cases. RedBubble reported an astounding response to the addition of iPhone cases to its selection of customizable goods, receiving more than 7,000 original designs by independent artists worldwide in just four days. Shoppers can browse RedBubble's gallery to create an artistic phone cover that is tailored to suit their personality and style.

Uncommon personalized cases offer a sleek design with easy access to all device features. Uncommon's proprietary printing process embeds a design into the case like a tattoo, for durable, long-lasting images with no peeling or fading. Shatterproof polymer offers superb device protection.

Uncommon personalized cases

Jessa Brinkmeyer, Uncommon spokesperson writes:

quoting Uncommon is once again recognized as an excellent product provider for a discerning community ... The phenomenal response shows how much people love the idea of personalizing their iPhones. We share RedBubble's passion for bringing the best independent design into people's daily lives - and there's nothing more incorporated into daily life than a smartphone. RedBubble is a thriving community and we're excited to have our personalized iPhone cases become a showcase for its members' creativity. end quote

Uncommon continues to build its strategic fulfillment partnerships with industry leaders and communities of audiences that appreciate personalization and self expression.

Uncommon customizable cases also are available at KODAK Gallery - giving KODAK Gallery members the ability to personalize their cases using their favorite photos.

To create a personalized case, simply visit and upload a jpeg image or choose artwork from the Uncommon gallery, which offers hundreds of images from gifted designers. personalized iPhone case company online marketplace for high-quality original artwork
KODAK Gallery

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Uncommon ( is the first personalized iPhone case company. Design a case in minutes online, and it's delivered in a few days. Whether it's a photo of a loved one, an illustration that inspires, or color palettes to put style or moods on display - get Uncommon and get personal. Uncommon's proprietary 3D TATT® (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology®) process ensures durable, long-lasting, high-resolution imagery on every product the company imprints. Uncommon is based in Chicago, with an office in Los Angeles.

RedBubble is an online marketplace for high-quality original artwork and unique products. Sourcing original work by artists from around the world, RedBubble makes the highest quality products available on demand including t-shirts, stickers and wall art. Founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, draws over 4 million unique visitors monthly, ships to over 140 countries and plays host to more than 150,000 contributing artists who have uploaded over 6.5 million inspired items of original work to the site.

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