Marketing Update 1101-24

by Fred Showker

Marketing Update This Marketing Update gathers some significant articles published since late fall. Good reading for anyone in the marketing fields today Marketing Sense Isn't the Same as Common Sense
* Why and How You Should Be Using Triggered Email
* Connecting Rings and Bricks to Clicks
* 3 Ways to Create an Effective Content Strategy for Social Media Marketing
* 2011 Predictions for Agencies
* 3 Ways to Make Your Email More Social
* Say Hello to CAPTCHAs as Advertising
* How to Create a Social Media Ad Buy on a Budget ... and more

Marketing Sense Isn't the Same as Common Sense

Each year, hundreds of graduate schools of business turn out thousands of marketing people. When they arrive on the scene, these newly minted marketers want to make their mark.
      So they dismiss their advertising agencies and hire new ones. They revamp the marketing plans, even including new systems of compensation for the sales force. They change names, logos, slogans and strategy statements.
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Bad news travels really fast these days

Jeff Cole writes :
      Planning for crisis communications should be a key part of every company's marketing planning. I have preached that to clients for years. It might seem obvious to many people, but the rise of social media has changed the response to a crisis from hours to sometimes minutes. People who don't get that always amaze me.
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Why and How You Should Be Using Triggered Email

How automated triggered email outperforms broadcast messaging ... The three defining characteristics of trigger-based email ... Four ways you should be using triggered email
      ... there are two main "flavors" of commercial email messages: (1) broadcast email -- a uniform message sent to everyone on the list, and (2) triggered email - a message triggered by an event, time, or an action sent to a specific person for a specific reason.

Connecting Rings and Bricks to Clicks

If your company has conversions that occur offline, either on the phone or at a brick and mortar store, you need to understand if those offline conversions are a result of your online advertising. If you don't figure this out, you're undervaluing your advertising, which leads to poor optimization decisions.
      Rather than trust the myriad studies done by search engines and other third parties about the impact of online advertising to offline conversions, you need to implement a system that truly ties your online ad spend to your offline conversions. What most marketers don't realize is that some simple techniques actually allow you to do this.

3 Ways to Create an Effective Content Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Got a corporate content strategy? Got a corporate social media strategy? Do they work to compliment each other? Yeah, we thought so.
      Presumably you have identified your audience, determined their online behaviors and understand their needs. Additionally, let's assume that you have content to publish to your company's blog or news feed. To ensure that your content is distributed across channels seamlessly and efficiently, an effective content strategy for social media marketing requires both cooperation and communication.

2011 Predictions for Agencies

It's officially the New Year. What now? Well, the economy might be brightening, but we're not in the clear yet. Ad Age took the pulse of top executives in the major industry sectors to compile this preview. See sidebar for more predictions.
      What to Expect From Shops, PR and Direct Marketing

3 Ways to Make Your Email More Social

We've all heard rumors that email marketing is dead and social media is the new king of the hill for customer engagement. But, we've seen that by integrating social media into your emails, you create a win-win and are able to effectively share your voice with millions of people in your target audience and beyond.
      When we recently surveyed our customers we heard loud and clear that they were using Facebook and Twitter, but well over half cited a lack of time and knowledge of the channels as challenges.
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Say Hello to CAPTCHAs as Advertising

Do you remember the last time you purchased tickets on Ticketmaster, or wanted to leave a comment on a website which required that you sign in first? You were probably asked to decipher a code, called a CAPTCHA, of distorted letters and type it into a box. And if you wanted to get to the next step, you had to focus quite carefully on reading those characters. It kind of required your undivided attention, and that's kind of, well, exactly what advertisers are looking for.
      What if, instead of typing a non sequitur, you typed "Just do it," the Nike slogan? That's where Solve Media comes in to play. The company, which was created a little less than a year ago, has been working furiously to perfect a security technology that allows advertisers into this space, and they are officially launching toda

How to Create a Social Media Ad Buy on a Budget

In today's society where media consumption has become so fragmented, it's becoming increasingly important to recognize the role that media plays in the lives of your target audience and how they utilize media to engage with each other.
      The role of social media continues to escalate. An ever increasing amount of the average person's daily life is spent engaging in social channels. If your brand is to truly connect with your target audience, you need to engage them in these social environments.

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