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 Mudflat Software Introduces DropSync a Reliable Syncing Tool for Mac Everyone needs a syncing tool for their computer and other devices. And you shouldn't be forced to use the cloud! DropSync a fast, reliable syncing tool for the Mac now promises to make it easy to keep folders in sync between computers, hard drives and remote servers. It is ideal for web development, offsite backups, and keeping files in sync between work and home. Anyone who repeatedly copies or updates files will find DropSync makes their job easier.

DropSyncs features include:

  • Detailed searchable previews
  • A file browser that supports sftp so you can see and select files on remote computers
  • Browsable history of syncing activity, including detailed logs of every change
  • Only transfers the parts of files that have changed for maximum speed over a network
  • AppleScript support lets you create custom syncing workflows
  • Support for custom syncing engine (rsync) options
  • Syncs to multiple locations simultaneously and handles tens of thousands of files with ease

DropSyncs Detailed searchable previews

Unlike other syncing tools, DropSync is based around pairs of folder trees rather than a flat list of folder pairs. While this alternate mental model takes some getting used to, the payoff is that managing folders for syncing becomes much more dynamic. DropSync can always infer the partner for any folder, so adding new folders to sync is just a single click, or dropped folder away. Syncing folder trees also naturally fits with a Finder-like interface where folders on local and remote locations can be browsed side by side and immediately selected in the same window. DropSync is the only syncing app that unifies browsing and syncing in this way.

DropSync is also one of the few syncing applications that makes accessing remote computers via ssh a first class citizen. Users can simply enter their login details and will instantly be able to browse and select folders on a remote server for syncing. It also integrates nicely with the keychain, so passwords are stored securely and there is no need to setup public/private keypairs.

Although casual users need never look beyond the main window, DropSync is also designed with power users in mind. It is fully apple scriptable so you can integrate it into existing workflows. DropSync also embraces its command-line heritage. It is, at its core, a GUI for the popular command-line tool rsync, and exposes the full power of this tool to advanced users via customizable options.

DropSync's creator Ira Cooke originally wrote DropSync because he was tired of hacking scripts with dozens of rsync commands and designed the app to expose the full power of rsync to users.

Quoting  begins I had a big command-line script with dozens of rsync commands to manage folders on 3 or 4 different computers. Every time I'd change my setup I needed to edit the script. It was tedious to maintain, and error prone, so I decided to write a program to allow me to instantly visualize and reconfigure my workflow Quoting  ends

After several years of development, DropSync has recently been released on the Mac AppStore. Until the end of April it is available at a discounted price of $10 US. It can be purchased through the Mudflat Software website or the Mac AppStore. A free, fully featured trial is available for download from the Mudflat Software website.

System Requirements: * Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher * Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel * G5 Processor, 1GHz or faster * 12 MB Hard Drive space

DropSync is $10.00 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category or from the Mudflat Software website.
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