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 Scorpion BarCode 2.20 for Mac OS X Scorpion Research has rolled out Scorpion BarCode 2.2, their popular barcode creation software for Apple Mac OS X computers. This software is a complete barcode creation utility that you can use to quickly create barcode images for use in other applications. The software supports the following symbologies:

Scorpion BarCode
* EAN-13 (With or without Add-On codes) * EAN-8 * EAN-128 (Codeset B and Codeset C) * EAN-14 * EAN-18 * EAN-99 * EAN-Coupon * UPC-A (With or without Add-On codes) * UPC-E * Code-128 (Codeset B and Codeset C) * Code-93 * Code-39 * Code-25 * UPC-Coupon * Codabar * ISSN (10 digit / 13 digit) * ISBN (10 digit / 13 digit) * ISMN * PostNet (5 digit / 9 digit / 11 digit) * RM4SCC * Pharmacode * MSI * ITF-SCC * ITF-14 * Interleaved-25 * QRCode * PDF417

By entering the text of a barcode, the software produces the graphic equivalent using one of the above selected symbologies. Use it to:

  • Create an editable vector PDF document
  • Create an editable vector EPS document
  • Create bitmap image PNG, PICT or TIFF documents with transparency
  • Paste into another application simply via the Clipboard
  • Print camera ready artwork automatically
  • Convert text in other applications into BarCode graphics using AppleScript

The software is supplied complete with example AppleScripts to enable you to automate your barcode creation workflow and includes examples of integrating barcodes into popular database, spreadsheet and word processor software. A command line version is also provided, enabling powerful custom scripting solutions beyond AppleScript or Automator. Integrate into solutions directly using Unix technologies such as shell scripts or via web CGI scripts.

The Scorpion BarCode software embraces the latest Apple technology to simplify the user experience. The entire user guide is built into the onscreen help and separately viewable.

New in Scorpion BarCode 2.2: * Optimised for MacOS X 10.7 Lion * Support for QRCode added * Support for PDF417 added * EPS File improvements * Terminal Command Line scripting improved, more powerful custom solutions

System Requirements: The Scorpion BarCode software operates on any MacOS compatible system running MacOS X 10.4 Tiger or later. Optimised for MacOS X 10.7 Lion.

Scorpion BarCode 2.2 has a free 30 day trial. Single user license GBP 99.00 (Approx $160.00 USD). Multiple User discounts apply. Educational discounts apply. Trade enquiries welcome. Scorpion BarCode is available now, and may be downloaded from the Scorpion Research web site. Category:

Scorpion Research: Scorpion BarCode 2.2 Scorpion Research: Scorpion BarCode 2.2
BarCode 2.2: Download : SBCH_220.dmg BarCode 2.2: Download : SBCH_220.dmg

Scorpion Research was founded in 1994 focusing its activities on implementing modern management techniques using its innovative software products. Scorpion Research is an ISO 9001 certified company demonstrating its commitment to a consistent level of quality. Scorpion Research complements these activities by providing consultancy and support services that assist in implementing rapid, efficient and cost effective solutions. Copyright (C) 1994-2011 Scorpion Research Ltd. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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