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by Fred Showker

NO ADS | NO TRACKERS | NO MALWAREOnline social media update from DTG Magazine The online world and its unsatiable hunger for money has broken all rules and enraged the online population to the point of mutany! The design community as well as old school internet purists said all along that you could tell your web page sucks if you have advertising. But the web industry just wouldn't listen. They robbed everyone of bandwidth and screen real estate, they froze our browsers and they held us hostage while they delivered their vicious, predatory messages to the world. Now, it appears a huge push-back is coming and it will make the connected world a better place.

  • 5 Holiday Shopping Trends Social Marketers Need to Know (Infographic)
  • Edward Snowden says it's your 'duty' to install ad blockers
  • Native Ads May Help Marketers Combat Ad Blocking
  • Snowden cashing in on anti-advertising campaign
  • Why Gawker doesn't fight ad blockers

FireFox leading the way

Unlike the other browsers, looking for ways to exploit your personal space, Firefox took the lead with it's new "Reader View". Why should we have to look at all those stalker links and rude rich-media thieves when we came for a bit of information? Web sites just got too greedy. Some say yes, some say no, but a button to a sponsor isn't a bad thing as long as that's what it is. Firefox decided to give their users a little help -- they established "reader" mode and the "reader" icon.


When you arrive at a web page that is shouting and jumping with advertising, just look for the little gray reader icon and click it. The content will be delivered in a clean, easy-to-read layout, without all the screen spam. If you encounter a site that does not have the gray icon, exit quickly or close the window. Don't go back. It indicates the site is unfriendly to the reader function and its users. Even if the site does not contain malvertising* or other evil deliveries for your computer, it's tracking and stalking you. Get away quick.

There are others, and now the industry seems to be taking a look at itself. Ad blockers are proliferating. Once the industry started stealing minutes and billions of data points for cell phones, it really started getting attention. Apple's new iPhone and iPad versions have built-in ad blocking capabilities, as well as hooks for developers to program better ad blockers. So the field of ad blockers will continuing growing.

This new chapter in the internet world is good and bad. While readers and users get cleaner, faster, more readable and usable web resources, the sites get less click/view revenue. One way or another it's bound to work out. We'll be following along . . .

Edward Snowden says it's your 'duty' to install ad blockers

In an interview with The Intercept, the government surveillance whistleblower gave some advice on how average citizens can shield their privacy online. One of the less obvious security tips: flip on an ad blocker.
      Even though he's a criminal, Snowden has a point: So-called "malvertising" attacks — in which ad networks play unwitting host to harmful files disguised as ads — have been on the rise over the past several months, even infecting popular websites like Yahoo.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Mashable

Why Gawker doesn't fight ad blockers

Publishers are split on the most effective tactic to counter the rise of ad blocking. But for Gakwer, one option is off the table: fighting the ad blockers head-on.
Gawker Media head of programmatic Eyal Ebel said at the Digiday Programmatic Summit.

Quoting  begins If our consumers are demanding ad block, then we have no choice than to allow that for now ... I don't see a situation where Gakwer Media says to readers, 'You can't read our content anymore because you have ad blocker. Quoting  ends

Here's the Full Story Full story : Digiday

Native Ads May Help Marketers Combat Ad Blocking

Marketers need to get hip to native advertising to combat ad blocking in 2016, according to a report from Hotwire PR. In a 2014 survey from Adobe and PageFair, 28% of U.S. Internet users claimed they use adblock software when browsing, and this year, iOS9 launched the iPhone operating system update that enabled ad blockers and delivered a blow to the marketing and publishing industries.
      Consumers feel the trade for getting content for free isn't balanced. Pages get bogged down with ad placements, and the user experience takes a hit. Additionally, click-through rates decrease and the share of a brand's voice goes down when they're one of many brand ads on a page.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Communications_Trends_2016_US.pdf

5 Holiday Shopping Trends Social Marketers Need to Know (Infographic)

With an increase in online shopping, and growth in e-commerce, holiday shopping is no longer confined to the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, consumer behaviors in the digital space have resulted in changes in the retail landscape. An infographic from influencer marketing platform The Shelf takes a look at trends to watch out for this holiday season.
GO holiday-marketing-2015-infographic-the-shelf.jpg
Here's the Full Story Full story : Kimberlee Morrison on Ad Week

Snowden cashing in on anti-advertising campaign

Felon whistleblower Snowden gave an advice in an interview with The Intercept,
Here's the Full Story Full story : www.allmediany.com/

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