Photo editing experiments with Apps

by Fred Showker

iPhone Obsessed: Photo editing experiments with Apps

Painting of the beach The title of this was originally "iPhone Obsessed", but I was afraid that would chase away many readers, who -- like me -- are just about sick of hearing about the iPhone. But hold on. Dan Marcolina will blow your doors off with some of the spectacular works being created using low cost, easily available, apps for the iPhone. Once you browse this, I think you'll have an all new opinion of the state of image technology today.

If you don't think you'll be convinced, just click on the image to right, and look at that work!

Dan Marcolina Obsessed with the instant gratification of taking pictures with his iPhone, designer-photographer Dan Marcolina dedicated an entire year to a series of mobile image experiments. His amazing results and the post-processing steps he took to achieve them can be found in iPhone Obsessed: Photo Editing Experiments with Apps. This gorgeous four-color photography guide is the first book to deeply integrate the iPhone with Microsoft tags to enhance and extend the readers’ experience.

Part inspiration and part how-to, iPhone Obsessed is filled with eye-popping images and coverage of 47 of the best iPhone photo applications. Without ever leaving their iPhone, readers learn to create artistic effects such as blurs and vignettes, high dynamic range, film looks, black and white, and more. Marcolina explains how to combine apps to construct images, including which apps he used and why, with some advanced how-tos on integrating Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Readers will not only be inspired to create hang-on-the-wall art with their iPhone, but they’ll also know exactly what apps to use and where to get them.

iPhone Obsessed is filled with eye-popping images

iPhone Obsessed’s interactive feature allows readers to scan one of the 75 custom Microsoft Reader Tags in the book using a free iPhone tag reader (, and uncover over four hours of bonus video tutorials, app developer Web sites, and links to the iTunes Store for app purchase, along with inspirational image galleries and free downloadable resource images.

For users of Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPod touch 4, and iPad, this guide will raise the standard of iPhone photography and show how the combination of picture choice and multiple app processing can turn an ordinary image into a work of art.

Following the launch of iPhone Obsessed, Marcolina will release an iPad companion to the book in iTunes. This video enhanced interactive product will include 25 brand new image recipes and 35 app reviews, along with expanded video tutorials on some of the images from the book.

cover If you have an iPhone, and you are interested in how far you can go in photo retouching, image manipulation, photo illustration or just plane fun, then you'll want to get this book right now ...

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Fred Showker

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Dan Marcolina is the owner of Philadelphia-based Marcolina Design Inc. While Marcolina Design is nationally recognized for print, web, and video work, Marcolina’s original visual obsession is photography. He has been practicing photography for more than 30 years and his images have appeared in juried shows and dozens of publications worldwide. He credits iPhone photography with reinvigorating his love for both photography and visual experimentation.

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